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Le Introduction

Hey there! So excited that you are joining me here! My name is Kate and I have a burning desire to change the world! This is an online diary of my journey to a better and brighter existence. What is it that I imagine to be a better brighter existence? Self employment, helping people heal, change the world for the better, wake up happy and energized, and live on a beach! This isn’t a place for me to rant, but a space where people who are in search of something more meaningful can learn and connect with someone else that feel the same.

I was very young when I realized that I wasn’t meant for the paper pushing career thing. I decided even earlier than this that I would be my own boss one day, this is non-negotiable. I wasn’t sure exactly how or what it would be, only that I would be my own boss and owe only myself my time. My ideas for what business to start were as colorful as a rainbow and widespread as the sky. I leaped from club owner to free-lance yoga instructor. Today I have an idea of where I would like to go but as to the steps of how to get there, well, I’m just following my gut. My gut, that is a new concept to me, and at first I had a hard time understanding how to do this. Ironically, that was exactly my problem! It's not something one can understand, it is a feeling, it is our animal instinct. My gut has led me here, to this online space with all of you.

I am newly graduated from university and have settled into a well paying contract with a big corporation I enjoy the people there, but its not my passion. I did everything right. I got good grades, I did a cooperative program to get into a company, and I made connections anywhere I could. And still, here I sit, still in the same spot, not doing anything close to what I am good at or passionate about. Sign? I shall take it as such.

At my job, I have the luxury of being able to have headphones in most of the day. I spend my time at work multitasking listening to horoscopes, spiritual teachers and inspirational speakers. The one thing I find the most frustrating about some of the inspirational speakers is that they always say how they can change your life, but in my experience I find their advice lacks the step by step. They repeat themselves and tell the same story over and over to the point where I get so annoyed I have to turn them off. I need a step by step process which may be asking too much, so I am going to piece together what I can from my knowledge that I have learned so far and provide updates to all of you throughout my journey.

I have grown so much in the last few years, I have also learned many things which i intend to share here with you all in hopes that you may get the answers you seek as well. I am no expert, no guru, I have no PhD. but I still have lots to share based on my experience. This I vow to you all, when I figure out how to change my life I will lay out the steps for you so you can do the same. I vow to share my journey with you and if you are feeling the same as I we will support each other into our transition out of the daily grind. I vow to always be honest and strive to provide an entertaining depiction of my path. This is the purpose of my blog, to share this all with you, the good, bad, and the ugly! Join me here every week, where I will post at least one new article every Wednesday. I am a Reiki healer and can do distance as well as in person sessions, please contact me if you are looking for some healing!

Peace to all, light to all, love to all!

xo Kate

Katie Hunt spiritual life coach


I'm Katie. 


I healed my depression using energetic tools, and now I get to help other women do the same.


You can exhale, this is a safe space for sensitive queens!


Stay a while and be sure to check out a TON of free healing tools. 

If you wanna know more about me, you can read my story, just click below. 

Ready to heal?


Forgive, release and feel love for yourself.

Let's create your plan.

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