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I'm Katie,
a Spiritual Life Coach for divine feminines who want to live their best lives!


spiritual life coach Katie Hunt and toy poodle Yogi

"Nothing can dim the light which shines from within."


- Maya Angelou

Katie Hunt Co.

a few years back I was riddled with anxiety, had no purpose, and truly was the most miserable person. I was a party girl with a closed heart and no faith that happiness would ever bless me. 

Hey! My name is Katie, founder of Katie Hunt Co. 


The truth is I didn’t always believe in energy healing, meditation, and even coaching. 


That is until I hit rock bottom in the back of a friend’s car, realizing “there has to be more to life than this.”  In this rare moment of clarity at the time, I wanted to understand how to live a more fulfilling, engaged, and purpose-filled life while working in my corporate job. Kismet would have it that a friend introduced skeptical me to Reiki.


Within one session, I was transformed and found my passion and purpose in life. Devouring everything I could to become a Certified Energy Master and Intuitive Life Coach, Reiki gave me the initial tools to be my whole self during my corporate role. No longer was I showing up disengaged from my work, there to collect a paycheque. I was feeling a sense of purpose in what I was doing because tools like Reiki helped me move through internal blockages and build a deeper connection with myself.


Since then, I’ve dedicated myself to a life of love and light, supporting womxn like you as you transition through life and fulfill your true purpose with confidence. 


Reiki gave me the tools to transform my life and empowered me to bring my whole self into my life. With this knowledge I was able to ignite passion into every part of my life in real and authentic ways. Because of these tools I felt a sense of purpose in what I was doing, release internal blockages and build a deeper connection to my self. I use this same approach to transformation and way of life to inspire other womxn to live from a place of love.


I believe delivering transformation to my clients in custom ways suited for their life, through fun and loving experience.




Let’s work together so you can have the confidence to live in harmony with your highest self, whether you are a corporate leader, new mother or healing from a newly updated Facebook relationship status.

Reiki healer, and toy poodle Yogi

I am a badass feminist & drag fanatic who loves Hallmark Christmas movies almost as much as I love my spa days. My ideal day is a sunny one enjoying forest picnic river side. When I'm not obsessing over interior design on Pinterest I love to cuddle up next to my pup Yogi & watch cleaning videos on Youtube, like the sick person I am. 

What Guides Katie Hunt?


Great question! Allow me to share what drives me in supporting you and other womxn. This all stems from my vision, mission, and values.

The mission is to guide feminine energy into alignment of unconditional self love and complete acceptance through unique, love filled healing tools. 

The vision is to spread the importance of self love to as many as possible in hopes to make positive waves for a more loving future for the planet and all who reside on it. 


I want to live in a world where everyone loves themselves.

Imagine a world in which no one hated themselves, hating others would cease as would a lot of our problems. I believe everyone deserves to fully love & accept themselves, so I am called to spread my message of love. 


The values

Everything I do stems from my values. Without these, there is no direction to move energy through.


  • Integrity: We must always do what we say we are going to do.

  • Humour: Life is hard, but also beautiful. Laugh along with it.

  • Inclusion: Provide a safe place for all to feel welcomed and heard.

  • Love: Real shifts come from a place of unconditional acceptance.

  • Fun: Joy comes from turning dreams into reality.

That brings me to you

Healing does not mean you are broken, healing is addressing the limitations that are negatively affecting your life. When things go wrong, it’s a love note from the universe that something within is out of alignment with your soul. You have the opportunity to go within and flood that part of you with so much love that healing occurs. Creating a container for this is where I come in.

Pillars of coaching with me;

Empower: accepting who you are and living authentically.

Self love: is gained from unconditional acceptance 

Healing: from a gentle, patient + loving place.

Healing doesn’t mean you need to be ashamed of certain parts, in fact looking at these aspects with acceptance is the best way to transform. I understand that you may not be where you want to be right now, but that doesn’t mean you should beat yourself up while you get there! 

When you love yourself through the bad times, you feel empowered in any situation and willing only to accept love. The goddess doesn’t hate herself, she may know she's flawed, but she also knows she is perfect whole and complete as she is. She loves herself enough to know she is worthy and she trusts that what is meant for her will find her.


And that right there is what I love to do, help feminine energy back to this divine place, back to the place of embodying the goddess you are. 

spiritual life coach Katie Hunt

I have made it my mission to become the best Energy Healer + Intuitive Coach I can be, and to create the most unique, effective love filled tools. It is my absolute privilege to help people just like you fulfill their purpose + live with confidence. 

Giving back

Spreading the LOVE

I believe every business should be in business to improve the world.

I know the work I do with my clients makes contributes to the greater good not only because of the positive waves my clients make in the world, but also because of the causes Katie Hunt Co. contributes to. 


A portion of every penny spent here will go to a great cause helping people in need.

  • 5% from coaching packages & meditation classes donated

  • 100% of proceeds generated from meditation by donation classes are happily donated

Here are a few of the causes we love to contribute to; 

       Charity: Water is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries." 

 learn more about Charity: Water

     RESET provides comprehensive individualized support and safe housing to women and girls age 16 and over exiting sexual exploitation and sex trafficking."

 > learn more about RESET

      Inn From the Cold provides emergency shelter and supportive housing." 

 > learn more about Inn from the Cold

      Thorn is dedicated to ending child sex trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children. And we won't stop until every child, can just be a kid."

 > learn more about Thorn

    OutRight Action International works at the international, regional and national levels to research, document, defend, and advance human rights for LGBTIQ people around the world."

 > learn more about OutRight 


And. Many. More.

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me better. I am thrilled to have you here, and excited for your transformation to come.



If you feel a connection & you're ready to live your happiest life give me a shout! 

It's YOUR time!

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