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Meditation Coaching


Quiet the frogs &

cut through your stubborn

mental weeds.

Take control of your wellbeing.


Go from “blah” to “ahh” by looking inward and cutting through the mental noise.

Finally, uncover what’s stopping you from taking control of your happiness and personal healing.


Whether you are new to meditation or are looking to leap your current practice forward, Mediation Coaching focuses on working with you, your personality, and your lifestyle for a deeper connection. 



“I want to feel in control”

There is one thing in this world that you can control. You. 


Together, we’ll release what’s stalling you from having control over your wellbeing, particularly during key life changes. With curated and custom meditation tools that meet you where you’re at, you’ll easily integrate these techniques into your everyday living. 


Meditation is the perfect practice for: 


Managing your physical and mental pain 

Complement your pain management program using customized meditations to quiet chronic pain and let your body relax into healing. 


Enjoying a more focused mind

Feel more intentional and purposeful in your day to day living through a deeper, highly customized and guided meditation solution. 


Aligning your overall wellbeing

Improve your emotional wellbeing, enjoy a better night’s sleep again, and promote a more peaceful and balanced mindset for confidence in your self. 

Why Meditation Coaching?


You are truly one of a kind! Your meditation practice should be the same. Enjoy enhancing your wellbeing with a practice meant for your personality and habits. Effective and practical, you’ll easily integrate your mental, physical, and spiritual health into your life’s priorities.


With meditation coaching, you’ll notice a real improvement in:


  • Managing and/or relieving your physical pain,

  • Working through and removing mental pain for mental blockages, 

  • Approaching challenges with light, love, and personal power, and

  • The balance between your mind, emotions, and stress. 



Meditation Coaching Packages  


Choose from either three or six-session packages, or a custom-built Meditation Coaching package.  Your package will identify what practices and meditations work for you, along with how to easily integrate them into your daily life.


With each session, you’ll feel inspired to further develop your practice to live with a core sense of peace. Discover how silencing the frogs and listening to your inner strength may:


  • Decrease your physical pain symptoms,

  • Help you enjoy life again,

  • Improve your mental clarity,

  • Lower your anxiety and stress,

  • Be more present in your relationships, and

  • Relax your body, allowing more endorphins to flow.

Interested in a custom meditation class for friends, collgeues, or students? 


“If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out in the middle of a hectic week, no doubt someone has suggested that you try meditation. I have tried several relaxation and focusing techniques, but like many people, I found nothing seemed to hit the spot. Katie’s guided meditations are much different. No matter where you are in your life or your head, Katie can guide you to wherever it is you need to go. You will leave feeling relaxed and in control of your day. We all need to add a little more to our mental health regime and Katie’s meditations are my most necessary part of that.” - Darren



“Katie's voice is like a soothing babbling brook”. - Jenna

"Thanks for creating this space Katie - always something I anchor my week around."


Are you ready to be take

back your control?

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