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Reiki Healing

 Release blocks &

 feel f*ing fantastic

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Distance Reiki Healing


Your best you is already within you. She may just be a little quiet with the rush of life flying by. Sometimes, it takes a moment to slow down, listen deep within, and release the energy blocking your real voice from coming forth. 


I get it - trusting this best you can be scary, but so empowering! 


Whether you’re ready to feel confident in who you are, are looking for clarity on how to move forward in a life transition, or want to take control of your own happiness, distance Reiki coaching helps you tap into the right energy needed.

“I Want to Feel Lighter”


Reiki is an excellent energy tool to help you through key life transitions and decisions with intention, light, and love. While you are on your own journey towards this harmony, you no doubt have an underlying desire to feel confident with what’s ahead. Feel energetically better and enjoy trusting yourself in mind, body, emotion, and spirit.


I'm a Reiki Master in 6 modalities! Excessive? Yes. But I just can't help it I love Reiki! The Reiki modalities I use most often are Angel Reiki, Lightarian Reiki, Lavender Flame Reiki, and Angelic Alchemy.  


Reiki is excellent in supporting:


Pregnancy and Motherhood

Confidently transition from maiden to motherhood. Enter this new life phase as you prepare for a peaceful labour, release any potentially-related fear or past trauma, and experience a blissful pregnancy.  


Relationships and Heartache

Trust me, your heart has always been whole. Now, feel at peace with releasing the heart ties of days past to move forward with a full and open heart and lighter spirit. 


Transitions throughout Life

You don’t need a pre-programmed GPS to decide where you’re going in life. Transform your stress into clarity to live from a place of lightness, alignment,  intention, and peace. 

Why Distance Reiki Healing?


Your energy is unique!  As a form of energy transformation and healing, Reiki taps into your personal energy to create release. Since energy operates in a different time and space, we do not have to be in the same room (or even country) as each other! All the benefits of Reiki right from the comfort and safety of your own home. 


What’s important is that you feel lighter. With Distance Reiki, feel awe as you: 


  • Clear internal blockages keeping you stuck,

  • Build more harmony and balance in your day to day living,

  • Relax and allow your body to deeply tap in and release your tension,

  • Energize your mind with clarity, helping you feel grounded and confident in your decisions, and

  • Release fear that’s keeping you from showing up for all your relationships. 

Reiki Healing Packages


I believe in supporting my clients so they get lasting results, and that is why I offer my services in packages. Minimum six sessions in your own custom-built package, we always begin with an understanding of where you are, why you need energy healing, and how Reiki can support your journey in living a happier and healthier life. 


Through our sessions, you find continual shifts in energy, empowering you to live from a place of light and love. Even better? You can discover:


  • Greater mental clarity,

  • Less affected by other people,

  • A boost in your overall wellbeing,

  • Less day-to-day stress,

  • A lightness in your body,

  • Your restored balance and harmony, and

  • The truth to what’s blocking you...and then let it all go!

Client Case Study: Brittany

Are you ready to feel lighter?


“I recently had the most amazing experience with Katie and a Distance Reiki healing session. Even though we weren’t [physically] in the same space, I felt a sense of calm and peace at the time of the session, which continued over the following several days and helped me get through an extremely hectic time without feeling overwhelmed. I truly attribute being able to take it all in stride with Katie’s work. Thank you, Katie! I’ll definitely be scheduling another session.” – Heather


"This was my very first time trying Reiki so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I have to say it was really tremendous! Katie is so welcoming and friendly and did everything possible to make me feel relaxed and comfortable…I appreciated that she was so open and willing to answer all of my questions throughout the session and I did feel a huge difference between when I first started and when I finished…if you are looking for a great Reiki healer I would highly recommend Katie!” – Jenna G.


"I found Katie to be very intuitive and was surprised with the insights she had about me and the warmth she created in my body. Since seeing Katie, I've felt lighter and that my outlook is more positive. I will definitely be scheduling another appointment with her and would recommend her to anyone interested in what Reiki is." - Katie Y.

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