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Spiritual Life Coaching

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Obliterate what holds you back, embody the Goddess within you & get everything you want in life. 

If you've been dismissed for your desire for more,



You deserve to fall asleep easily at night with a peaceful mind, and a full heart. 

Imagine this. 

You had another amazing day in flow, living your life’s purpose.


Negative thoughts? No problem.


Scared about what others think? Not you! 


Snapping on your loved ones? Pshhh don’t know her.


See you’ve released the heaviness and pain that used to make you snap. 

You’ve transformed your old tiggers and inner child wounds into love. 

You now create happiness on-demand, and you enjoy being alone with your thoughts! 

AND YOU - Have simple, perfect-for-you tools to use whenever you need them. 


You, create peace whenever, wherever. No matter what


And that is your secret weapon, my love. 

All because you took that one, bold step and chose your healing. You booked a call with a fabulous practical, energy healing and spiritual life coach named Katie. And you’re whole life shifted. 

Are you ready to live your ideal, fulfilled life? Thought so! Check out a few of my offerings below or book your free consultation call now. 

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Signature Life Coaching Transformations


Reiki Healing

I'm ready to 



You’re ready to kiss that stress-elephant on your chest good-bye so you can feel light and clear minded. Reiki will help you to:


  • Make overwhelm a thing of the past.

  • Uncover what’s blocking your joy…and release it!

  • Learn 3 anxiety releasing processes you can do in less than 15 minutes.

  • Fall sleep easily in the next 7 days. Even if you've never meditated.

  • Boost mental clarity for making decisions.

  • Understand why thinking positive is keeping you miserable, and what to do instead.

1:1 Reiki healing 

75 minute sessions via Zoom 


Akashic Record reading 


Guided hypnosis for relaxation

Additional tools are provided as needed to support your goals

Minimum 3 session commitment


White glove customer service





Most Popular

Peace Activation Method

I'm ready to



You wake up dreading the day ahead but you yearn for a fulfilling life. You're ready to take your healing into your own hands to transform your rage, anxiety, and sadness into peace so you can:

  • Jump out of bed each morning excited to live your purpose,

  • Double your free-time using a simple10 minute process,

  • Create peace whenever, no matter what.

  • Learn the one healing process to transform any challenge. 

  • Embody unstoppable confidence, and ask for your promotion.

  • Finally, establish boundaries with anyone, guilt-free! ​

  • Stack the odds in your favour, every time.


1:1 Healing Treatments


Group mentoring

9 transformative modules


12+ Video trainings 

8 Reiki infused processes


Oodles of healing meditations


Lifetime access

White glove customer service




Transformation Coaching

I am ready to



You're ready to uncover your authentic self, and embody the Goddess within every damn day. You’ve done some healing, and you’re ready to take your life to the next level and create magic everywhere you go! Transform with:

  • Specialized suite of Reiki, life coaching, and meditation tools, 

  • 5 surprising confidence tips that make you irresistible to promote, hire and love,

  • The one process that fakes a happy childhood, 

  • 4 archetypes of the Goddess and how to embody them as a modern woman, 

  • 8 powerful magic processes that will leap you into your best life,

  • Simple and grounded coaching techniques.


1:1 mentoring


Customized support + tools


75 minute semi monthly sessions

Access to P.A.M. and Transformation Resource Library


3 month minimum commitment

White glove customer service



Do you already know which option's best for you?

Let's get started!

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My clients get results.
Will you be the next success story?

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"I started seeing Katie for Reiki when I got pregnant with my first baby and had the most amazing experience. Katie has such an amazing gift. Through our sessions I was able to fully embrace and love every minute of my journey. She helped me manage all of the uncertainties and fears that come along with pregnancy and being a first time mom. Our sessions have grounded me, allowed me to become both vulnerable and accepting and have taught me how to embrace the trials and tribulations along the way. Through our sessions we formed a beautiful friendship. I can’t recommend Katie enough. So grateful our paths have crossed and so excited to continue our journey and friendship together throughout whatever life brings  next."

Sheryl, Change Practitioner

"Through our sessions I was able to fully embrace and love every minute of my journey."



Working with a spiritual life coach provides a holistic approach to your healing. By incorporating energy healing tools, you'll get your results 3x faster than without it, and 10x faster if you're trying to heal without guidance. By using energy healing tools you have cheat codes! Let me explain:​​​

  • Strengthen your intuition, 

  • Open psychic abilities, 

  • Create excitement and joy on-demand,

  • More control over how you feel, 

  • Unstoppable confidence to go for what you want (hello promo!)

  • Stronger connection to sexual energy, 

  • Embody unconditional self love and acceptance, 

  • Energetic alignment with your best timeline, 

  • Wake up excited for your day, 

  • Experiencing fulfillment every day,  

  • Connection to spirit team and tools to tap into guidance,

  • Live authentically from your soul, 

  • Reparent your inner child,

  • Remain calm and true to you no matter who you’re speaking with,


WARNING:coaching with Katie may result in your friends and family demanding to know your secret weapon.

Spiritual Life Coaching with Katie Hunt is transformative!



"I've learned to successfully shut the degrading, hateful self-talk completely OFF that I had used for YEARS to get me through life."

"I had doubts initially about life coaching for years but was looking for a little something to help get me up & off the plateau in life I had been sitting on that I just wasn't happy with at the time... Choosing Katie & her life coaching program seemed like a gentle way to 'lean in' & see what I was maybe holding back from. And I was curious! Since working with her, I've learned to successfully shut the degrading, hateful self-talk completely OFF that I had used for YEARS to get me through life. I don't do any of that anymore - I'm happier, I've learned what was getting in my way & over the time I've spent working with Katie, I've invested into the most important thing - MYSELF. I've learned to create boundaries, stop making excuses for why I let my 'stuff' get pushed aside & feel better about where I'm going as a whole. Katie makes time for you, she never rushes any session - she supports you in whatever ways you need to be comfortable & is never pushy about ANYTHING. Having our sessions together gave me the support I needed to gradually change my perspective & help me to understand things I had struggled with in the past. If you're questioning working with Katie, don't - she's the most compassionate, gentle & loving human you could trust to guide you towards a better alternative." - Casey


I can help you with;

  • Finding yourself after a significant relationship change,

  • Moving through grief and loss,

  • Major career transitions, 

  • Living your best life every day,

  • Being more decisive and confident

  • Connecting day to day life to a deeper sense of purpose,

  • Preparing mentally, emotionally + energetically for pregnancy and labour,

  • Building confidence as "mom",

  • Master abundance + prosperity mindset, and 

  • Enter into happiest romantic relationship.

Why you, Katie?

I'm obsessed with giving the best.

I want my clients to be the happiest people they know, and I’m proud to say they are. A huge part of my role as your coach is to hold space for you to be kinder and more loving for yourself. I’d love to show you how.


Over the past 9 years I’ve transformed my entire life. I healed my own depression + anxiety, I left the corporate world in pursuit of my purpose, and create peace daily! It's my mission to help my clients create their own version of fulfillment.


While I worked in the corporate world I was heartbroken watching the brilliant, bright women around me shrink to fit inside a box, and struggle with burn out. I had a deep desire to help women feel how amazing they are! So I started doing it. I do this by using a highly specialized suite of energetic and coaching tools, only found here.

I believe that everyone deserves to love and accept themselves, imperfections in all. I’m so passionate about women exuding confidence and embodying their unique power.

I may not be the right coach for everyone, but if you feel seen in these words, I hope you'll book a call.

Life coaching with me is right for you if;

  • You are ready to tap into your goddess energy and embody it daily to empower your life,

  • You consider personal growth a hobby,

  • You are a seeker and consumer of information,

  • You want to be happy more often,

  • You are passionate about living your best life, but unsure of how to actually do that,

  • You know the kind of life you’d love to live, just overwhelmed with how to make it happen,

  • You have dreams, and are looking for a guide to help you align with those dreams,

  • You associate more with feminine energy rather than masculine regardless of gender identity, and

  • You may struggle with loving and accepting the parts of you that you don’t like.



I am not the life coach for you if; 

  • You consider self development ‘woo-woo’ nonsense,

  • You think that all that exists in the world is only what we can see and touch, and are unwilling to question this belief,

  • You think that energy workers and psychics are scammers, and

  • You judge those who are LGBTQ+ for their ‘lifestyle choices'. 


What if this doesn't work for me?

I've built these tools from the feedback of women like you.  I choose to work with only those I can help. I will only offer you a spot If I'm confident I can guide you. Ultimately your success lies in your hands. I don't heal you, you heal you. 

I struggle with follow through, how do you hold me accountable?

In each offering there's accountability built in! I myself will be checking in, and I'll provide proven tools to built motivation and commitment within yourself so you can continue to achieve what you want in life!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We can break it down into 2 payments or monthly if that feels better. Let me know if you're interested in payment plans and we can chat about options. 

What's your refund policy?

Refunds cannot be given for services already received, but if you wish to not continue with your services I won't hold you here. I only want to work with people who are excited and want to work with me I have no intention of forcing you into our 1:1 sessions! That being said for self led program like the Peace Activation Method and other courses there's a 7 day refund period if you change your mind. 




You deserve to live the life of your dreams. 

If you fear that you are not capable of living your dream life, or are at a loss for how to make it happen, please know two things;

1. you are not alone.

2. you can TOTALLY make it happen.


You might need a little help, some guidance, and a whole lot of love, but you got this.



I believe that everyone deserves to love and accept who they really are, and I get fired up to be a part of helping my clients embody this. My business stands for love + acceptance of self even through the hard times. I want my clients to be the happiest people they know, I want the world to be more loving and accepting. I want to help the girls, gays and theys fully love + accept themselves and feel safe in the world. I am proud to do my part in achieving that.


  • "How can I truly embody my divine feminine nature without turning my back on feminism?" YOU DON’T! Divine feminine is an energy not a task list.

  • "Is embodying divine feminine power necessary?" Yes, the world needs your magical gifts! 

  • "How can I channel the divine feminine within me in this modern age that demands me to live in my masculine?" Let's find out. 

Discover your true passions and divine purpose with a spiritual coach.

Reiki Calgary, transformation life coach, spiritual life coach


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