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If you're stressed, anxious, depressed, or lost... It's time for Reiki.


Reiki is the first thing I'll reccomend to anyone trying to overcome a challenging period. The wait is over, get access to the highest vibrational Reiki whenevr you want it. 


Reiki Healing On Demand is a virtual pre-recorded energy healing session that will relieve stress, remove energy blocks and leave you in a state of bliss.


In this 40 minute session receive the highest vibrational energy so you can go to bed at night with a clear head.


Using Lavender Flame, Angel, and Lightarian Reiki this session gets right to the root and leaves you feeling light and peaceful. 

We all have negative energy and blocks that hold us back from being our best. Reiki can help you release these energies that are holding you back from your highest potential and attract what you want easily.


Reiki will help you:
• Unlock your inner power
• Access peace and joy in life
• Connect to your highest self
• Clear energetic blocks holding you back
Using the highest vibrational, most effective Reiki this product truly is one of a kind.


TREAT YOURSELF! You won't regret it. 


In Reiki On Demand you will:
- clear a ton of blocks, negative energy, and stuck emotions,
- clear deep karma, galactic interference, and psychic attack, 
- come into alignment to receive more of what you want, 
- get tips on how you can clear your own energy quickly,
- discover how to be happy every day even when you're emotionally struggling, 
- receive manifestation tips that will actually work, and
How to use this session. 
1. Set an intention on what you'd like help with. Energy does what we tell it to do, so direct this healing to any specific areas you need help with. 
2. Create a peaceful place you wont be disturbed. You can lay down, with crystals and anything else that makes you feel cozy. If you fall asleep during this recording that is totally fine - you'll still receive the healing. 
3. Carry on with your day! Return once a month for deep clearing. 
*please don't drive or walk while listening. 


* not for resale or distribution. 

Instant Reiki Session

  • Once purchased you will be prompted to download your digital products on the Thank You page. A link will also appear in your confirmation email be sure to download it right away because the *link will expire after 30 days*.

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