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Slay stress in 15 minutes or less



Go  from dreading the stress at your soul sucking job to waking up excited for another peaceful day living your life’s purpose within the next 9 weeks. Learn how by booking a consult

If I helped you ditch your chronic career overwhelm for good to rekindle your drive for ultimate productivity and fulfillment in the next 30 - 60 days, would you be in


If so, give me the next 10-15 minutes to show you how. Watch video below

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Katie Hunt



for sensitive high achievers

cultivate daily joy, no longer be negatively affected by other people.

What if today was the last day that you felt worried about what others think, overwhelmed AF at work, and lost as to where your life's headed? 


It can be.


You’re one loving decision away from a totally different life. 


If you’ve been thinking that you can't continue to live like this, snapping on your loved ones, coming home exhausted only to lay awake overthinking -


I want you to know two things:


1. You’re not alone, crazy, or ungrateful for feelings like this. 

2. I’ve been there too, and I'll help you transform this into peace


You have a desire for more deep within you, but you're too exhausted because of your never-ending workload at an unfulfilling job, old wounds and self doubt is sucking the life out of you! 


How are you going to make any changes if you’re too exhausted, and your self esteem has taken a beating from being under appreciated for so long? 

I'm gonna help you, using energy healing tools

Katie Hunt, spiritual life Coach, Reiki healer, Meditation instructor

best spiritual life coach, 6666 444 888 1111 compassionate life coach 


Hi! I’m Katie,

a former skeptic turned divine service fanatic. I love having heart based conversations with women, I love connecting, I love listening, I love teaching. So here we are! Blending my love of service + personal development to help women on this earth live their happiest, healthiest lives.


I'm grateful to provide my clients excellence through the Spiritual Life Coaching, Reiki Healing, Custom Meditation Workshops, and Public Speaking. I believe that everyone deserves to fully love and accept who they really are, and I get fired up to be a part of helping my clients embody this.


I want to be a voice for love and acceptance of self even through the hard times. I want my clients to be the happiest people they know! I want the world to be more loving and accepting. I want all women to fully love and accept themselves and to feel safe in the world. I want to help the world move to a more loving world one divine feminine at a time! *takes deep breath* Want the full(ish) story? 

spiritutal life coach calgary, best life coach calgary, reiki healer


What gives you the right to think you are worthy of more?



The process is simple; embody the goddess within you through a practice of unconditional self love, acceptance, patience + healing.

You did, and that’s enough. 

 Life Coaching with a spiritual twist. 

Welcome to your one-stop-shop for feminine empowerment!


If you've been called "too sensitive" and dismissed for your desire for more, it's time we chat.


I'll help you heal from your deepest pain so you can create your most fulfilling life with clarity and confidence. You deserve to have someone in your corner cheering you on as you  boldly + confidentially go after what you want. Here's a few places to get started:


spiritual life coach, katie hunt, best healers calgary, best life coach calgary

I'd love to help you;

  • Wake up every day excited for your day,

  • Find healing + forgiveness after a significant relationship change,

  • Release emotional pressure that's caused by grief and heartbreak,

  • Discover your unique life's purpose + live it daily, 

  • Enjoy the sweetness of the present moment with loved ones, 

  • Go to sleep at night with a peaceful mind + stay asleep,

  • Release anxiety and heal your anger, 

  • Move from guilty for saying 'NO' to empowered with boundaries,

  • Embody unstoppable confidence and ask for that damn promotion!


Everything I offer is about your results.

I'm obsessed with giving you the best.


Each service includes;

  • White glove customer service,

  • Custom meditations to serve your goals

  • Practical, love-filled, simple to use energetic tools, 

  • Virtual delivery for your convenience,

  • Results-proven techniques only available here,

  • Accountability + support to ensure your success.

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My clients get results.
Will you be the next success story?

spiritual life coach calgary, reiki calgary, best life coach calgary

"I started seeing Katie for Reiki when I got pregnant with my first baby and had the most amazing experience. Katie has such an amazing gift. Through our sessions I was able to fully embrace and love every minute of my journey. She helped me manage all of the uncertainties and fears that come along with pregnancy and being a first time mom. Our sessions have grounded me, allowed me to become both vulnerable and accepting and have taught me how to embrace the trials and tribulations along the way. Through our sessions we formed a beautiful friendship. I can’t recommend Katie enough. So grateful our paths have crossed and so excited to continue our journey and friendship together throughout whatever life brings  next."

Sheryl, Change Practitioner

"Through our sessions I was able to fully embrace and love every minute of my journey."

Hey you,  


What's it worth to banish your critical thoughts and finally experience a peaceful mind at bedtime?


What would the confidence to go after what you wanted mean for your bank account?

What's it worth for you to look at yourself in the mirror and feel good enough?


Let's find out!

Katie Hunt the spiritual life coach giving sass and confident she can help you!
Katie Hunt spiritual life coach serving face to her astonishment she's gorgeous
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What if one year from now you're in the same spot, would you be happy?


If not -

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