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Release YEARS of stress in less than 15 minutes

Quit People-Pleasing forever.

Intuitive Coach

Katie Hunt Co.

Gain control over your well being, cultivate joy daily + no longer be negatively affected by other people.

  Unleash the goddess power within  you, live your dream life now.  

for divine feminines

Katie Hunt

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What gives you the right to think you are worthy of more?



The process is simple; embody the goddess within you through a practice of unconditional self love, acceptance, patience + healing.

You did, and that’s enough. 

Katie Hunt, spiritual life Coach, Reiki healer, Meditation instructor





With the ultimate energy clearing meditation. 

Out with the old and in with the new!


Take a back your dreams and book in for a Discovery Call with me. 

Welcome to Katie Hunt Co. 

Life Coaching with a spiritual twist. 

The journey to your authentic self starts today. Go after what you want with clarity and confidence.

Step into love to light your way forward to a more harmonious life. 

The one-stop-shop feminine empowerment.

I will help you step into your power + get what you want now.

What are your dreams worth to you?


If you have been dismissed for your desire for more, it is time for a coach.

You deserve to have someone in your corner cheering you on as you

boldly + confidentially go after what you want.


Are you ready to live the life you've always

dreamed about?


I will help you get there.

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Hi! I’m Katie,

a former skeptic turned divine service fanatic. I love having heart based conversations with people, I love connecting, I love listening, I love teaching. So here we are! Blending my love of service + personal development to help divine feminines on this earth live their happiest, healthiest lives.


I am grateful to provide my clients excellence through the Spiritual Life Coaching, Reiki Healing, Custom Meditation Instruction, and Public Speaking. I believe that everyone deserves to fully love and accept who they really are, and I get fired up to be a part of helping my clients embody this. I want to be a voice for love and acceptance of self even through the hard times. I want my clients to be the happiest people they know! I want the world to be more loving and accepting. I want all women to fully love and accept themselves and to feel safe in the world. I want to help the world move to a more loving world one divine feminine at a time! *takes deep breath* Want the full(ish) story? 


Katie Hunt, intuitive coach, reiki healer, meditation instructor


Katie Hunt the spiritual life coach giving sass and confident she can help you!
Katie Hunt spiritual life coach serving face to her astonishment she's gorgeous

Every service;

  • Use unique, love-filled, custom-built tools, 

  • Are offered via distance coaching, and

  • Support you getting the results you crave.


I'd love to help you with;

  • Finding yourself after a significant relationship change,

  • Moving through grief and loss,

  • Major career transitions, 

  • Living your best life every day,

  • Connecting day to day life to a deeper sense of purpose,

  • Preparing mentally, emotionally + energetically for pregnancy and labour,

  • Building confidence as "mom",

  • Master abundance + prosperity mindset, and 

  • Enter into happiest, healthiest romantic relationship.

spiritual life coach 

spiritual life coach

spiritual life coach

spiritual life coach

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spiritual life coach

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spiritual life coach

  work with me  



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Why embody your divine feminine?


The planet is run by masculine energy, and there is little space for the modern divine feminine to truly shine. This is changing however, we have begun our journey to a more love filled planet and with it comes a destruction of old outdated norms. You may have already begun to notice some aspects of your life that appear to be out of alignment, this is wonderful because healing can occur once we notice what is no longer working. For too long feminine energies have stifled their true power under the patriarchal society, within it there isn’t much room for feminine energy to be authentic, or appreciated.


The time has come for feminine energy to take her seat at the table and influence the world towards a loving future. The world needs the divine feminine! Her love, healing, compassion, faith and discernment is needed now more than ever. The world also needs a motherly ass kicking if you ask me.


This change towards a better future starts with you, right now. You have taken the first step into this empowerment and that is something to be celebrated. You finding your way back to your true divine self makes positive waves in the world bigger than you can ever imagine.


 You will inspire and influence people with your radiance, not to mention

you will feel INCREDIBLE!

 Are you ready to step into your goddess power and leave the bullshit behind? 

 Start your transformation with intuitive life coach and healer. 

Praise for Katie Hunt Co

"I started seeing Katie for Reiki when I got pregnant with my first baby and had the most amazing experience. Katie has such an amazing gift. Through our sessions I was able to fully embrace and love every minute of my journey. She helped me manage all of the uncertainties and fears that come along with pregnancy and being a first time mom. Our sessions have grounded me, allowed me to become both vulnerable and accepting and have taught me how to embrace the trials and tribulations along the way. Through our sessions we formed a beautiful friendship. I can’t recommend Katie enough. So grateful our paths have crossed and so excited to continue our journey and friendship together throughout whatever life brings  next."

—  Sheryl

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