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How to make the right decision

Simple trick for how to make hard decisions

Are you overwhelmed by making decisions?

Are you looking for the indecision solution to fix it all?

Here is is - follow your intuition.

Your body and spirit are wiser than your brain. Your brain is wired to keep you safe.

Safe is great when we're facing grizzly bears! Fear is not so fun when we're getting the nerve to ask for a well-earned raise.

You may be asking "great Katie, follow my intuition. How?". Great question, easiest ways are...

1. When you ask the question do you feel expanded or contracted? Expanded is yes.

You can practice making your intuition stronger by testing simple questions. "My name is Sally, vs my name is Joe". See what the truth feels like inside - that's a yes.

Then you can ask questions like "salad or steak for dinner?".

2. Make decisions from joy.

Activating joy can seem impossible some days. Remeber what we talked about a few weeks back - the jump from confusion to joy might seem like too big of a jump.

Move up closer to joy by practicing appreciation and gratitude.

How to make good decisions.

When in doubt remember this:

If you make decisions from fear, you'll live a fear filled life.

If you make decisions from joy, you'll live a joy filled life.

Simple as that.

Making a decision from your intuition will align you to an intelligence beyond your human limitations. Sounds pretty great to me!

How to make the right decision every time!

In this Heart to Heart chat you'll learn a simple tip for how to make good choices. This will seem so simple you'll think DUH!

But I promise you, by making decisions from this place only will guide you to a life better than anything you could imagine.

Press play if you're ready to learn how to make the right choice every time.

Keep reading for the transcript.

How to make the hard choice

Have you ever heard the advice that you should only make decisions from an enlightened space?

In other words, maybe a higher vibration or a better mood.

I think that that is really good advice for our lives because our brains are literally programmed to keep us from ridicule, judgment and death.

There's a whole lot of life in between all of those fears and all of those things that our brains are trying to keep us safe from.

If we're constantly trying to satisfy those ego thoughts that are activated when we're in a lower vibration or we're kind of bummed out we'll never escape them. Instead of making decisions from a place of self hatred and lack and ego make decisions only when you're feeling good.

Don't listen to your head when you're in feelings of lack and self doubt. All of those thought are just messages, keeping you from and higher state of life from the best parts of life.

The ego doesn't like to be uncomfortable and growth only happens in places where we are uncomfortable.

Make decisions from an enlightened place and watch your life change.

I want to hear from you in the comments:

What is the decision you're ready to make from this state?


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