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How to motivate yourself

Simple hack for doing hard things

The unconventional advice for motivation.

Just stop trying so hard.

Before you throw your device at a wall - please keep reading, I have helpful information I promise. :D

What if you're too close to the problem to see the solution?

In other words - what if you aligned to the level of the solution instead of the problem. The problem and the solution do not exists in the same place.

How do you get to the place of the solution? Find out in this week's Heart to Heart.

When you feel motivated to complete a task it's so much more fun.

With motivation you can...

  • Finally clean out your closet.

  • Stay committed to your workout

  • Finally put laundry away

  • Tackle the mountain of to-do's.

  • Start your dream business.

How to do hard things

What's the secret to getting motivated to do something when you're depressed, or tired? In today's Heart to Heart video you'll learn how to motivate yourself organically every time.

Press play if you're having trouble getting motivated today.

Read on for transcript.

How to motivate yourself out of a rock bottom

Tell me, if you can relate to this, you set out to accomplish a goal and then you go to do it and you have zero motivation or drive or desire.

You may be tired or unable to string sentences together, and you just sit there and make yourself feel guilty because you're not accomplishing what you set out to accomplish.

Can you relate? I can.

I had one of those weeks this week and what I did instead was I listened to myself and I acknowledged that I was in a period of productivity, ebbs and flows.

Sometimes it's a little bit harder to get going and to really connect into that motivation and that desire and your why.

Instead of pushing yourself through it, take a step back and worry about your mindset.

Try to make yourself feel happier and vibe a bit higher by focusing on appreciation and gratitude, because you cannot be grumpy and grateful at the same time.

Focusing on these things that you have to be grateful for will allow you to come into a higher state of being where inspiration and motivation are living. So it's not so much of a climb.

If you think of lack of motivation or grumpiness at a -7, how do you expect to make the jump up to inspiration +10 instantly? That's a huge gap.

How to motivate yourself when you're depressed

You can bridge the gap by focusing on your feelings, your mood, your mindset.

It might take all week for you to change your mindset and to get to a place where you're vibing higher and able to actually capture true motivation. But I promise you, it'll be way more fun to work from this place of motivation than to continue to guilt yourself and shame yourself in those moments that you're tired and lacking motivation.

This is great advice for how to motivate yourself out of a rock bottom.

Give that a go and let me know how it goes.

Your turn to share. Let me know in the comments.

What are three things you truly appreciate?


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