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Inner Child Safety Meditation

Feeling Safe Guided Meditation

Do you want more money? WHO DOESN'T? When you think about money what happens inside?

Are you filled with feelings of shame, lack or longing?

Are your thoughts flooded with questions about how or reasons money evades you?

Money is energy, we can call it to us by making our energy match the vibration.

Even if you have a steady income that never fluctuates, you can still receive more money from unexpected places, why not try to improve your relationship with money!

The thing about money is that we all learned bad habits and beliefs about it starting from a young age.

You may have memories of you mom telling you money doesn't grow on trees, that you cant afford that new toy, or that rich people are evil.

These beliefs about money have been passed down through most families forevaaaaa.

Good news- is that there are proven tactics for you to earn even more money now.

Where to start?

At the beginning.

Feeling safe in your body and life will allow your root chakra to balance and call in new energy, like abundance. The frequency of prosperity feels similar to trust, today we're going to get into that frequency by connecting to your past and future self.

Time travel - so fun!

Listen to this meditation if you want to:

  • have a better relationship with money,

  • be less affected by the moods and opinions of others,

  • feel worthy of what you want,

  • take a leap of faith but you're scared,

  • create an abundant life for yourself.

Receive more money meditation

If you can relate, this meditation is for you.

Find yourself in a nice quiet and cozy spot. Press play, and close your eyes down. Enjoy this smooth healing journey.

Inner Child Healing Exercise

Live proactively instead of living reactively. Healing your inner child is the difference between insecurely reacting + holding yourself back, and confidently living your dreams.


Dive even deeper into this transformative healing through Spiritual Life Coaching. Click below to live a peace-filled life.

With the right tools, you can heal your inner child 10 times faster. That's because Transformation Coaching is a proven technique to rapidly clear emotional blocks that are preventing you from achieving all of your goals and dreams in life.

With spiritual coaching you'll get rid of deep-rooted self-doubt, anxiety, insecurity and anger while also building up confidence through transformative healing. Making decisions has never been easier! If this sounds like something you want more info on - sign up here!

Now I want to hear from you in the comments.

What was your favourite part of that experience?

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Looking to heal your inner child even more? Here's another transformative healing meditation:


Katie Hunt spiritual life coach


I'm Katie. 


I healed my depression using energetic tools, and now I get to help other women do the same.


You can exhale, this is a safe space for sensitive queens!


Stay a while and be sure to check out a TON of free healing tools. 

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Ready to heal?


Forgive, release and feel love for yourself.

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