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Inner child healing

Inner childhood healing meditation

What would you say if I told you that your inner child is the one calling the shots for you right now.

Healing the inner child will make ALL the difference when you're going after the life you want.

Healing your inner child is important because:

  • chances are your parents weren't the most emotionally supportive or mature,

  • according to scientific studies much of who you are is formed before you turned 8,

  • experiencing fear as a child is 1000x more intense than it is as an adult (remember, child you is making all your decisions),

  • you talk yourself out of things because of some form of fear (anxiety, doubt, insecurity etc.).

If this is you - don't worry! I have the fix for you in this very post!

I've created a healing meditation (posted below) that will help you connect to your inner child, integrate through healing and reunite you with all aspects of you. This is not your run-of-the-mill meditation! This inner child meditation is full on an activation that will change your life!

The YOU one year from today will be so grateful you began this healing journey today. Trust me.

After healing your inner child you will:

  • be less affected by the moods and opinions of others,

  • feel worthy of what you want,

  • ask for what you need out of your relationships #boundariesareeasy,

  • no longer be victim of your own self sabotage.

"My inner child is coming out and it hurts"

If you can relate, this meditation is for you.

Find yourself in a nice quiet and cozy spot. Press play, and close your eyes down. Enjoy this smooth healing journey.

Inner Child Healing Exercise

Live proactively instead of living reactively. Healing your inner child is the difference between insecurely reacting + holding yourself back, and confidently living your dreams. SERIOUSLY!

Dive even deeper into this transformative healing through Spiritual Life Coaching. Click below to live a peace-filled life.

With the right tools, you can heal your inner child 10 times faster. That's because Transformation Coaching is a proven technique to rapidly clear emotional blocks that are preventing you from achieving all of your goals and dreams in life.

With spiritual coaching you'll get rid of deep-rooted self-doubt, anxiety, insecurity and anger while also building up confidence through transformative healing. Making decisions has never been easier! If this sounds like something you want more info on - sign up here!

Now I want to hear from you in the comments.

What was your favourite part of that experience?

Share the love!

Do you have a friend who could be your inner-child-kindness buddy? Share this post with them and check in with each other on how you're nurturing your inner child each day.

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29. Dez. 2021

OMG this meditation was amazing. I’m crying so much. Such a beautiful experience

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