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Birthday Manifestation Ritual

Do you have a birthday coming up?



2. You've got to try this incredible birthday ritual to get what you want this year.

Do you want to know how to utilize your birthday for amazing manifestation?

IF SO - stay tuned because today you'll learn a simple and transformative ritual you can try on your birthday to create the life you TRULY want.

Today you'll learn:

💫 why you may feel stressed around your birthday,

💫 a ritual you can do to manifest what you want using this powerful energy,

💫 how you can supercharge your manifestations to come even faster,

💫 your theme for the year ahead.

Your birthday gives birth to a beautiful portal of manifestation energy just for you. Consider this your own New Year!

Birthday Ritual for Fast Manifestation

💫Press play or keep reading if you're ready to live your best year yet!

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Birthday Karmic Cycles

Karma may be a b*tch, but she's also much more...

Every year on your birthday you enter a new karmic cycle.

This karmic cycle brings with it new energy, blessings and lessons. Making this a great time to reflect and make decisions for your year ahead. Consider your birthday a new year just for you!

Karma isn’t just cause and effect.

Think of karma as the agreements you have when you come here to have certain experiences good and bad.

Karma isn’t a punishment. What you put out comes back to you, but karma is so much more than that!

6 weeks before your birthday you will be brought all sorts of karma from the year past. If you’re ever stressed around your birthday time this is why. Can you relate?

You're re-experiencing your lessons from the previous year either to:

a. Remember how far you’ve come since you first faced this lesson.

b. Choose the highest path instead of choosing anger, or fear.

With this karmic cycle comes the opportunity to shed what's not serving, creating room for the blessings of the new year. This new year energy brings with it powerful manifesting opportunities for your year ahead.

Birthday Spiritual Rituals

Here is a fun and powerful ritual you can do to manifest the best year ahead.

1. A few days before your birthday buy yourself something new to wear, even just one item. Make sure that this item brings you pure joy.

This communicates to the universe newness, abundance, and beauty which will call in even more of that!

2. Night before your birthday get in the shower and intend the water clear you of all you want to leave behind you.

Imagine that what you're releasing is flowing out of you and down the drain.

Once you feel you are complete switch your attention to what you truly appreciate in your life. Smile and you think about your blessings.

Once you’re feeling happy think about all you want to call in.

Allow the water to bring you inspiration, try not to force anything. If you don’t see anything don’t worry, the feelings are what manifest - even the smallest feeling. Go to bed without watching anything.

3. The next morning is ritual time!

Imagine a circle of white surrounding you. Affirm: this is my safe and protected space. AA Micheal please protect me from anything that is not 100% unconditional love. Call in your angels to protect you.

Grab a birthday candle. Repeat the gratitude from the night before and think about what you want to create.

Ask your guardian angel to place their hands on your shoulders. Speak into the candle what you want to receive, how you want to feel and ask for, speak it all into the candle intending that the candle be filled up with your intentions and magic.

Now we're ready to release it to the universe through the element of fire!!


Hold flame to the bottom of the candle to make wax drip onto parchment beneath the candle and place the candle into the melted wax straight up. Light the candle and watch it burn thinking about all you will receive.

Make sure to not leave the candle unattended as it could burn through the paper.

Once its complete thank AA Micheal, your angels, and the candle for being here for you. Affirm: so it is.

Carry on with your amazing birthday, speaking your desired feelings into everything you drink.

BONUS: Supercharge by writing your most important manifestation down the same number as your next birthday. If your turning 31 you’ll write your manifestation down 32 times.

If you want to start your new year off with a BANG I have the perfect thing for you. Click the link below to get your guide to happiness in 21 days. Its an incredible resource to keep you focused on what you need, and nothing you don’t.

Do you have a friend with a BDay coming up? Share this video with them!

Thank you so much for being here. Happy Birthday! May this year be the best one yet.

Let me know in the comments:

Whats your birthday theme?


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