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How to be More Confident

4 ways to improve confidence


Confidence–it's something you want, right?

Of course! But sometimes it feels impossible to find.

Especially when it feels like everyone around you is more confident than you are.

Here's the good news: building confidence is within your reach, and there are plenty of things you can do to start boosting your self-esteem today. So read on for our tips on how to become more confident, no matter what!

With confidence you can:

• Be magnetic to your desires,

• Bask in a healthy dose of positivity to overcome your negative thoughts,

• Bounce back from mistakes instantly,

• Be happier with who you are no matter what, and

• Excel in your career

It's a new year which means new energy to play with! These old insecurities GOT TO GO! We all need you to shine your authentic light, there's no more time to waste of worrying about others options.

Today's K.T.V episode is for you if you want practical solutions on how to build confidence.

If you have ever told yourself no, made an excuse as to why someone has the life you want or chickened out on making a big-exciting decision --- you need to press play.

How to build self confidence

If you're ready to be bold and confidently you press play, or keep reading.

Make this year the year you finally create the life you actually want. Get started with a Discovery Call.

You can do anything with confidence! (And it’s 100% possible to build unstoppable confidence through Transformation Coaching.)

With this newfound power, you will be able to wear what you want without feeling insecure, create a life you want, speak your truth and set boundaries with ANYONE.

Today we covered 4 practices that will help improve your self-confidence. Want more information on how these habits work?

Or maybe you need some coaching in order to get started?

Contact me today for personalized support--we are here for YOU!

how to gain self confidence

As women, we all want to feel confident in who we are and what we do. However, sometimes life can knock that confidence out of us. So how do we build it back up? Here are four tips to help you start rebuilding your confidence today!

4 ways to improve self esteem

Use these 4 practices to improve confidence TODAY! No more waiting, nothing complicated.

Confidence building exercise 1

Understand your fears. Recognize when you're being triggered and notice the self talk that ensues after fear is triggered.

Bring awareness to your fears and flip them on their head.

What is the worst case scenario?

Is this fear based in reality?

Is it even yours?

Surrender it to the universe and ask for the healing. Record affirmations that support the opposite of each fear and listen to them as you sleep.

Confidence building exercise 2

Celebrate your strengths!!!

You have so many of them!

How can you bring your strengths into your daily life?

How can you strengthen your strengths even more?

Create a list of your strengths, and return to these activities on a bad day. You will feel more confident immediately.

Confidence building exercise 3

Focus on Service - get out of your own head.

You shift into abundance when you help someone which is a similar frequency to confidence. From this place its not a big jump to self esteem. WAAAAY shorter than insecurity to confidence.

Remember this: when you're nervous, focus on service.

Confidence building exercise 4

Don't compare.


Even the good things you have and someone else doesn't.

Comparison is the thief of joy, and just as quickly as you can make yourself feel better about having it better than someone else, that pendulum will shift the other way just as fast leaving you feeling lack-full.

Now I want to hear from you in the comments. What was the most impactful part of that experience?

I hope you've found today's blog post helpful and we encourage you to explore the other articles in our self-love series. And be sure to check out part one of this post.

If this post has resonated with you, then I invite you to sign up for a free Discovery Call to see if Transformation Coaching is right for you.

In Transformation Coaching, I will help you work on your confidence by implementing the 4 practices covered today in specific detail.

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