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This might be why you're exhausted.

Let me guess, you push yourself when you're unproductive, you never seem to accomplish enough, and you reach for coffee to push through your afternoon lag.

If you can relate - I may have a solution for you.

Utilize your feminine energy. Let me explain.

Instead of honouring your natural source of feminine energy you default to the masculine productivity powerhouse you should be. No judgement here! That's how we were raised.

What if there was a way for you to do more without trying harder, or doing more?

You're probably thinking - Katie, that sounds great but how!? Glad you asked.

Heal the divine feminine magic sitting dormant in your energy.

Utilizing this magical energy source takes so much love, patience and compassion and is sooooo worth it.

Today you'll get started activating divine feminine energy within you by focusing on only 3 pillars.

In this K.T.V video you'll learn;

  • How to activate your hidden super power.

  • The 3 major pillars of healing that will create miracles in your life.

  • Why you NEED to heal the divine feminine energy within you now (regardless of your gender).

  • How to actual forgive the worst people in your life.

  • Why divine feminine energy is your most sacred resource.

  • How saving the world starts with you today.

  • Learn the 3 step system for transmuting your flaws into self lo

How to tap into divine feminine energy

If you're ready to receive more by doing less press 'play' or read the rest of this post.

We need you to come into your divine alignment and I know you are gonna rock this sh*t.

This information is great to get you started! When you're looking for a deeper dive into this healing please do be sure to reach out to a professional in this field to help you process and heal.

That might be a therapist, an energy healer, or a coach. Like me!

I help divine feminine energies just like you come into alignment with their power so they can live their dreams now.

I would love to talk more about how I can help you, so if you're ready to leave the struggle bus behind BOOK A CALL with me. It's free and is intended to help with your biggest obstacle.

Now, back to the regular scheduled broadcasting...

First know, that we need both divine masculine and feminine energies on this planet and within us. One is not better than the other. They both carry empowered and disempowered states of being.

Some people are more balanced naturally, while some teater somewhere on one side over the other.

If you are not sure where you fall in this spectrum doing these exercises will not push you so far to one side.

What we'll discuss today is meant to guide you to a harmonious place. These exercises flex the feminine energy and will connect you deeply to your intuition.

To learn more about what the divine feminine energy click the button below.

Healing my wounded feminine empowered my life in incredible ways.

Since I experienced my divine feminine awakening I don’t feel bogged down the same way or so easily wrapped up in things that don’t matter.

I'm kinder to myself, and have the ability to trust and let go. Feminine purpose brings so much abundance joy and love to my life.

I'm no longer ashamed of myself and my reactions. I no longer feel pressure to be perfect and so many of my fears have disappeared.

Not only has healing my feminine energy made significant changes in my life, but I notice a drastic shift in my relationships and my loved ones behaviour.

If you follow this process you may just find that by stepping into your power allows those around you to naturally treat you with more respect.

Controversial yet brave opinion – toxic femininity exists (as does masculinity).

Healing your feminine energy will release the habit of reacting through your wounds. Say goodbye to passive aggression, insecurity, and guilt trips, healed divine feminine has no time for that.

We have all participated in toxic behaviour at one point or another, so lets just let go of judgement of ourselves and move on! What a perfect place to start on this healing journey.


We need so much love and compassion to move our world forward from its current state and

that starts with you.

3 easy steps to healing your wounded divine feminine

There are many ways to express your divine feminine energy.

Today we'll review 3 pillars you can focus on to heal your wounded feminine and step into your goddess power.

These 3 pillars will create all sorts of waves in many areas of your life. Look at us healing the DF with less overwhelm.

1. NON-JUDGEMENT – for yourself and for others.

Judgement is a natural habit and an indulgence of sorts.

Because it’s a habit you can create a new one, when you judge others you're sending out energy daggers and that's not serving anyone. In doing so you lower your vibration making yourself a match for judgement to affect you and the cycle continues.

The divine mother doesn’t judge so why should we?

Judgement's nicer, cooler cousin is discernment.

The divine mother is all about discernment, discernment keeps you safe, creates boundaries, contains your energy.

The next time you have a judgement of someone you can follow these steps to identify if you're acting out of judgement or discernment.

How to determine if its judgement or discernment

  1. Ask yourself 'am I feeling unsafe here?', if yes remove yourself from the situation it's discernment. If no then carry on.

  2. Affirm 'I am consciously let this go', 'I release this judgement with love'.

  3. Send love to the person you judged.

A great way to let go of judgement is to dissect it in its tracks! Follow this exercise to practice non-judgement.

exercise: How to practice non-judgement

What you'll find is that if you dig deep enough you will uncover that every judgement is a judgement of yourself.

When a judgement comes up flip it around, ask yourself these questions.

- What is going on within me right now?

- What am I afraid of?

- How can I love myself more in this area?

Take action! Be sure to commit to giving yourself some love in these wounded areas otherwise they'll keep coming up.

You project insecurities onto others and mostly you're judging someone you're rejecting those aspects within yourself. Notice this as other people pass judgment of others onto you you will begin to see their insecurities.

Give me a YES! In the comments if you're ready to let go of judgement.

2. FORGIVENESS – practice forgiveness of self and of others.

This is a hot button topic for many because the question of forgiveness is often met with a million reasons why that person is not worthy of forgiveness.

Please remember that forgiveness doesn't mean you're condoning what they did to you, only that you're letting go of the attachment to the pain that person caused you.

Trade in your grudges for boundaries and set yourself free girl!

Forgiveness is a life long practice, and to be honest sometimes takes a while to be able to get to.

It's an art not a science. Let go with love those who hurt you. Also let go of guilt you carry for not always treating yourself the best.

You don’t have to deal with the people who hurt you, or tell them you forgive them – just claim in in your journal or out loud.

Here is an exercise you can do for your forgiveness practice.

exercise: how to forgive

Get the anger out!

Write a letter, scream it out loud on top of a mountain, or yell into your toilet whatever is easiest for you. Visualize the cords between you being severed and watch them be engulfed into love. Bless them with love and let them go.

1. Think of someone you need to forgive.

2. Write a letter to them detailing how much they hurt you.

3. At the end of your letter write and affirm to yourself as many times as you need;

  • I don't agree or condone what you've done but I am no longer willing to carry the burden of this anger.

  • I negate any and all agreements we have that allows you access to my energy.

  • I sever the cords, hooks and attachments between us.

  • I call my energy back to myself to be transmuted into love on its way back to me.

  • I command to now set myself free from this pain that connects us.

  • I release you with love & I let you go now.

4. Close your eyes down letting any emotions that need to surface to do so.

Imagine yourself in a pillar of divine light which descends from the heavens and goes all the way to the core of the planet.

Visualize yourself breaking free of chains & shackles, watch the cords hooks and energetic attachments falling off and going into the ground to be used as food for the earth.

Stay here breathing in this white light into all the areas that objects fell out of - filling up empty spaces. When you feel like that process is complete open your eyes.

5.Rip the letter up and dispose of it. Throw is in the bathroom garbage, burn it in a controlled area or dissolve it under water (bathroom sink only).

If you're feeling some residual anger get it out somehow, scream, exercise, punch some pillows - GO OFF SIS!

Forgiveness allows us to release the attachment to the resentment and make space for healing to come.

Being angry at that person won't bring healing, healing will come when you give loving energy to the little one inside you that is hurting.

Don’t waste any more of your precious energy on people who did you wrong.

Love yourself enough to let them go, again and again.

Turn your attention inside and your life will change.

3. SELF LOVE – I know, I know. Easier said than done...

Let me clarify that these habits are muscles. They'll get stronger over time. You just gotta keep flexin my dude.

You wanna change your life, you gotta change your habits, you wanna change your habits you gotta have a why, what better why than because you love yourself!?

Someone who loves themselves has higher standards for what she will tolerate, ask for, and do.

Someone who loves themselves is kind to themselves, does acts of service and love.

If you love yourself there is absolutely nothing that you can't do.

When you align with love you're able to vibe past the fear and go for what you want because you feel worthy.

When you love yourself you notice when you need some extra care and you do what needs to be done.

Loving yourself is absolutely fundamental to living a fulfilling life yet tell me WHY we spend our adult lives trying to fight our way back to liking ourselves after being raised in a way that promotes self hatred.

Self love goes beyond accepting your flaws and takes you back to your divinity.

Loving yourself doesn’t mean you think you are flawless, it means that you love yourself as the perfectly flawed.

The best way that you can get started on a love journey is to FAKE THE DAMN THING!

If you act as someone who loves themselves you make different decisions, you say different things about and yourself and over time you'll notice that you're already walking the talk.

Outward action partnered with internal healing is the perfect self-love-cocktail

Notice your inner dialog, notice when you are being hateful to yourself or others, notice when you ae harming yourself and get curious;

- Why am I doing this?

- Where did this come from?

exercise: how to practice self love

1. In your journal split the page down the middle.

2. Beginning on the left side write down 5-8 things you don't like about yourself, or parts of you that you believe are hard to love.

On the right side flip each item on its head and write a statement that someone who loves themselves would say.


What I find hard to love about me.

What would someone who loves themselves say?

I talk too much.

​I love sharing and connecting with others. I receive so much joy when I have conversations with people. I love holding a safe, uninterrupted space for friends to talk to me.

I'll never be good enough to get what I want.

I deserve what I want. I am worthy of everything I want. I love being the absolute most. I believe in my ability to figure it out.

​I'm not loveable, everyone always leaves me...

​Actually, I am loveable BIATCH! I completely love and accept myself. I can be imperfect and still be worthy of my own love. I will always be here for myself. I love myself enough to support myself in hard times. I deserve the love I want.

3. Write these affirmations on your mirror, and record yourself saying them. Return to the right side often.

Can you relate?

Have you spent most of your life hating yourself? I did. That can be a lot to unpack. Be gentle and SUPER loving during this process.

It's a daily commitment to love yourself, but you got this. Keep at it.

Don’t be afraid of asking for help from someone. Counseling, reiki healer, self love practioners, and coaches like me!

Unleash your damn goddess –

In conclusion....

Question literaly everything about what you believe.

Spend lots of time in nature just being and questioning.

Have fun and just go with what feels right.

If barriers come up question them.

Iif trauma or pain comes up take some time for healing.

There are so many incredible practioners out here helping feminine energies find their way and hey I am one of them. =D

If you are ready to tap into your goddess power and live your dream life now visit the link below and book yourself in with a coaching call with yours truly.

Do you have a friend you think could benefit from embodying the divine feminine magic? Share this post with them!

Let me know in the comments

Now I want to hear from you! Which one of these pillars are you more resistant towards?

And what impact will embodying that pillar have on your life?

Sending you all the bravery vibes, Katie xx


Katie Hunt spiritual life coach


I'm Katie. 


I healed my depression using energetic tools, and now I get to help other women do the same.


You can exhale, this is a safe space for sensitive queens!


Stay a while and be sure to check out a TON of free healing tools. 

If you wanna know more about me, you can read my story, just click below. 

Ready to heal?


Forgive, release and feel love for yourself.

Let's create your plan.

Lookin' for somethin'?





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