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Bored with Life?

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Life seems to just fly by as an adult, as a child time seemed endless and the days were so long, as a grown up I cannot believe how quickly the time flies. This is a blessing every Friday when its time for the weekend, but as I step back I realize that if this continues I might wake up one day as an old woman wondering where my life went. This thought scares the crap out of me, why do the days go by so quickly? My observation is that because I, like so many others, are cruising through a life of boredom, our lives lack excitement to the point where some of us cant have fun without a bit of help from alcohol! In my practice something that comes up all the time is that I need to nurse my inner child, that was such a challenge for me and it constantly pops up. This means that I need to inject fun into my life on a regular basis and at the beginning of my journey I had no idea what to do. It took practice, but now I think I might be getting the hang of it.

The average day seems to be a challenge when one is not living to their highest potential. This is something that I have observed from those around me, as well as from strangers on social media. What I have observed is that people bond over the mundane steps of life and the pleasantries of the things they “have to do” to survive, such as working a job they hate. I feel as though this is a coping mechanism. People often need to hear that they are not alone, that they are not the only one who is constantly unsettled in their lives. The phrase “misery loves company” comes to mind although I wouldn’t classify all of these people as miserable, just stunted by their current daily ritual. This feeling I could relate to boredom, people get bored because they are not passionate about how they are spending their time. Be it, on a Saturday watching TV or in their day jobs, I think that so many people are living in boredom that we all just accept it as normal. I think that most people have to ask at some point if this is really how it is supposed to be only to get told “oh honey, no one likes their job, that’s just life.” BULLSHIT. I am calling it out for what it is – bullshit. Call me new age or call me a dreamiest, I don’t want to live this way, and I don’t want anyone else to live this way. If the term YOLO is not enough of a justification for you, let me explain more.

I believe that the American Dream has had a makeover and the new American Dream looks something like; a young free entrepreneur who made his/her millions (yes millions) through internet businesses, this person has a beautiful house on the beach that is economically friendly, meanwhile driving a car that isn’t so. This person travels the world and works from where ever he/she chooses. Doesn’t that sound lovely? No where in this dream is there 40 hours of work at a job that is bad for your back and psychological health. I am not here to bash the corporate life as I am currently a member of this club, I just like to play devil’s advocate and call out those people who are both miserable and settled in this life. If you enjoy the corporate world I really do applaud you! You are doing what you love keep it up! But to you who sit through life thinking that life is pointless and boring, I encourage you to ignite passion into your lives once again, search until you find something you love!

I digress, we live in an age where possibilities are endless! Technology has blessed this generation like no other technology has in the past. I challenge each person to hold this in their mind, if you are unhappy and bored in your life, change it. You have the ability to make it happen! I know that change takes time I have been trying to make a change for the past year. But what I have learned is that I am changing, a little everyday and everyday I get a bit closer to that free time and my house on the beach. So do something every day for yourself that moves you closer to a happier life for yourself. Exercise, go for a walk, learn to dance, take your lunch breaks, or learn something! We can all get there, so lets do it!

Please share your stories with me!

Peace, love, light to all!

xo Kate

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