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What to do on your worst days

As an 5x Reiki master that has struggled for years with anxiety and depression, this is my recommendation.

What to do on your worst days👇 It was a cloudy November day as I touched down in Vancouver. My A&W coffee was cold, and unsatisfying AF. 😞 I felt my heart pound in my chest and my stomach tighten. Not because I was afraid of flying, but because my attempt to outrun my anxiety had failed. I was in a brand new city, and still felt just as sh*tty. 👿 I made my way from the airport and found myself in this adorable coffee shop with a proper coffee, a cinnamon bun.... and my anxiety. My anxiety all month was a 10000/10 and this was the worst it had been in 8 years. You know the kind - angry butterflies in the belly, negative racing thoughts, wanting to burst out of my skin, and the dread of 'what if I feel like this forever?!'. 👹 I was terrified because it seemed like no matter what I did, the anxiety would NOT go away. As I tried to gaslight myself into not feeling anxious, I suddenly got the urge to leave the coffee shop. Was it the anxiety? Was it spiritual guidance? Was it the young mother and her baby needing a place to sit that pushed me out? WHO KNOWS! But off I went - I stepped out into the crisp Vancouver air and just started walking. I soon stumbled upon this street filled with beautiful homes with big verandas, gorgeous details and bright doors. God, I love a bright coloured door don't you? 🥰 This was Vancouver, so it was so easy to find things to look at as I walked and soon I noticed that the angry-anxious beast within me had calmed down!!! This felt like a HUGE victory given how much I was struggling so I decided that I would play I-Spy with myself and point out everything I appreciated about the streets I walked on. The prize? A distraction from my misery! I walked for 3 hours and here's some treasures I found: 1. A random hedge maze in the middle of a group of homes, 2. An adorable coffee shop on a random residential corner that gives me the warm fuzzies, even now, 3. A fairy garden at the base of this massive tree (fairy gardens remind me of my dad as he makes fairy doors),🧚‍♀️ and most surprisingly - peace. Sweet, sweet, Peace of mind, body, and spirit. I was SHOOK. Was it really that simple? Here's the thing, I consciously searched for the magic in the world which completely shifted my focus from my suffering. This happened because: a. you can't focus on being miserable and grateful at the same time, b. energetically I stopped feeding the anxiety and let it dissipate. So here's the extremely simple process I want you to use on your worst days. Play the appreciation I-Spy game. No matter where you are there's magic to be found. Whether you're walking down a Vancouver street, or inside of a blue porta-potty - there's something to appreciate everywhere. After playing for just 2 days I experienced tremendous shifts and I was able to FINALLY understand what the anxiety was trying to tell me so I could solve the problem. Let me repeat - after the hardest month I had in 8 years trying every tactic to get rid of the anxiety, I released it in 2 days of just being deliberately thankful. Here's what I know to be true as a Reiki master - you can't receive the solution while you're in the energy of the problem. Me sitting in my anxiety, feeling anxious, and anxiously asking 'what's wrong' wasn't getting me anywhere. So instead I let go of my grip on the anxiety by shifting my focus and the solution found me. ✨ Keep it simple - on your worst days: 1. Play the appreciation game, and 2. Use the Ultimate Energy Clearing Meditation 👇.

Once you've calmed down a little you'll be able to spot the issue and return to your healing work. So, are you down to play? Let me know if this was helpful for you today. Just comment. I'd love to hear from you. 🥰 Sending you all my love,

Katie 💕

P.S. have you been feeling disconnected and lost in life? You're not alone. Learn how to go from dreading your stressful day to waking up excited to live your life's purpose with a peaceful mind, joy and unstoppable confidence so you can enjoy your most fulfilling life - book a free consult here for your specific healing plan. P.P.S. I dont need it to be International Women's Day to celebrate you, but as a formality - HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY YOU BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL WOMAN!!! I SEE YOU OVER HERE DOING YOUR BEST! I LOVE YOU.


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