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Are you afraid of failure?

How to overcome fear in life

Have you felt called to do something massive in life?

Something that challenges the status quo, and makes your family real uncomfortable, like:

Write a book,

Learn how to paint,

Show your artwork,

Quit your job to work at your fave coffee shop,

Maybe even start a business?

What’s stopped you?

What usually stops me from starting is the fear that it wont be a success.

I fear that I’ll create a massive flop, and I’ll be worse off knowing I suck, and I'll be forced to move into a cave never to see the light of day again!

I didn’t notice how much that belief held me back, until recently.

I was listening to Glennon Doyle’s podcast We Can Do Hard Things and Cheryl Strayed (who wrote the memoir WILD) was the guest.

Strayed said something like: your purpose is to do the thing, after that you surrender it. The rest is not up to you.

"WAIT WHAT!?" I yelled out loud to my pup Yogi as we drove down the highway.

A wave of relief washed over me as I felt the immense self-imposed pressure release. You see, I had been living in a persistent state (illusion) of failure for what seemed like... too long. And this little sentence was enough to help me refocus entirely.

Imagine, that your agreement/purpose is fulfilled by you only taking the action on your desires; writing the book, taking the class, putting on the art show, starting the business. What if how it was received in the world was actually not even a relevant part of your purpose at all? What if your purpose, your desires are for your growth alone and no one else's?

Would that take off some pressure for you?

Truth is...

The success is not a condition of your fulfilled purpose, it’s a result of it.

Success is an added bonus. Meaning that you're not a failure if factors outside of you don't match up to your human expectations.

Just because only a few people read your book doesn't mean its a waste of your time. Think about all of the amazing growth and strength and courage it takes to write a freaking book! Why isn't that success good enough for us?

I had been sitting in my pity party thinking I was failing my purpose and the Universe because things seemed to not be working out the way I thought. And this whole time I was just projecting my human-inner-child-wounded-ness onto something that wasn't even asking me for that.

I know that doing something you love leading you to financial success is the dream, but being afraid that won’t happen is keeping you from giving yourself the chance to even try.

Remember that success is more than just financial. Success is growth, pride, freedom, confidence and more. Failure is literally not a part of the equation when acting your hearts desires.

You win by taking action.

You honour your dreams by saying yes to them.

The rest is a dance between you and the co-creative force called Source/Universe/God.

What is your heart calling you to do?

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You'll leave the call feeling absolutely blissful, clear and confident about your future.

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