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Happy New Year!

"New year, new YOU."

This is not a cliché although many cast it that way. The New Year is a new cycle of energy for all and New Years Eve is the last point at which point the old energy either leaves or renews itself for the next year. Not everything will vanish into thin air and other things take time to resolve, but, here is a change, there is growth here, there is an ending which is wonderful. The new year is chance to start things that were lost again, or start a brand new routine. Whether you felt differently on January 1st, your intention can be that you decide to pick up the energy of the New Year and flow with the cycle. 2016 has been here for 9 days now, but its definately not too late to start fresh.

New cycles also begin on your birthday; each birthday is like a New Year celebration as you are coming into another new cycle of energy thats just for you. Ever notice how things seem to go wrong before your birthday, or things tend to come back around that you thought you dealt with already? This is because the last 6 weeks before your birthday is a summary of the things that happened during the prior year. So before your next birthday, pay attention to the things happening, I definitely noticed this last year it was comical actually. Like clock work issues started coming up that had been in line with some themes that I had dealt with that year, honestly, the 6 weeks before my birthday were kind of a shit box. But they were temporary and allowed me to look at the lessons I was learning and some of the situations acted as clarification that I was still doing the right thing.

The past 6 weeks before new years were similar, things occured around me that had been a theme for a while, it was like repeating messages in case I wasn't getting the message. I also had these enormous epiphanies occurring all over the place, someone would say something and it would cast me on this amazing realization, like all of the things I have learned thus far were all coming together for a resolution in my mind. I also found that my psychic abilities and my intuition were improving and I could clearly recognize the right thing to do everywhere. I even found that driving was much better, I would command the light to change green and it would immediately, it was awesome!

With the holidays, my yoga practiced dwindled and my protection crystals kept breaking, I’m not sure if this is because I am moving out a vibration that allows me to focus on preventing those energies because I am getting stronger, or if they are not serving me anymore for a variety of reasons. With these happenings I had to step back and have a look at why this was taking place so close to the New Year. I took the stones as a sign, they are not needed for what ever reason and I will honor that until I am guided towards them again. At first it freaked me out, but soon, I felt empowered that I was able to be okay in the world without them and not feel like total shit after. As for my yoga, I felt so disconnected and I did not like it at all, never again, yoga and mediation daily is a must for me.

On December 30th, I attended a divination party where we channeled messages from the divine which was amaaaaazing. (I think I am getting better at this wooot!!) Overall, we talked about themes in 2016 which included some interesting aspects, we are still in the same window that followed 2012 and will last until the end of 2016, this is a time of great change, and as a society, as human beings we need to wake the f up and shift our collective consciousness. I am hopeful that as the world continues in this direction that we will change our ways and focus on the love that will bind us together. I hope that your intention for 2016 includes something to do with love, I encourage you to really sit and think about what your soul wants, listen to yourself and choose something that you have been missing to that would add to your own self love. Does your resolution really need to be finally losing that 30 pounds or paying off your credit card by starving yourself from food? Is that what your heart wants? If that is what your heart is telling you, it will be in a more loving from such as; intending to get active daily, start eating cleaner, or to plan more free activites to spend your time which will save money. Your intention should make you happy and excited to start the change. Depending on what it is, some days your ego might scream to step back into your old way of doing things, ego LOVES lazy days and Netflix, but dont listen! Your higherself will never be mad that you chose to get outside to have some fun or eat health filled foods.

I hope that your 2016 is filled with love, light and happiness. I hope that we all help each other out a little more and do our part in creating a more loving world. From my heart to yours, Happy New Year! May peace be with all of you!

Light to all, peace to all, love to all!.

Kate xo


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