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3 weeks in Hawaii

​​Hey all of you wonderful people! It has been a minute, but I am back, with so much more to share and offer to you! Hawaii was amazing, and spending 3 weeks there was heavenly. We rented a van and camped on the beach most of the time. We were true nomads bathing in the ocean and eating breakfast on the beach. It was a great way to see Hawaii and I think everyone needs to experience any vacation like that. This experience taught me so much about myself, relationship, my life, what I want, where I want to live, and it expanded my consciousness. If you have never been, I highly suggest you go - you deserve it.

If you don’t know already, Hawaii is a vortex meaning that massive amounts of energy come to the planet through a funnel located in Hawaii. This is what causes people to love it there, and say that there is no place else like Hawaii. I heard from everyone that Hawaii changed them, and that it is a magical place. The entire time in Hawaii I felt at ease, it is a place filled with beauty and the smell is fantastic. My experience was magical, but it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine. The energy was very Saturn, meaning that it was very harsh and that the lessons were more like slaps in the face. This energy led me to over analyze everything, I felt this sense of urgency like I had to figure out everything right then and there, obviously that’s not the case. The urgency is nothing more than a sign that something needs attention, we have time make changes but we are always right where we need to be. The important thing is to acknowledge these moments and take steps to resolve the urgency, even small steps.

Now that I’m home things are back to normal and I realized how much this experience forced me grow. I am a different person now even if the change is not visible on the outside. I am ready for more, to learn more and feel more. I can handle more now. I am ready to begin my business adventure and to make the changes in my life that need to be made. I hope you will join me on my journey as it morphs and evolves over time. Lets grow together.

Love, light, and ALOHA


Katie Hunt spiritual life coach


I'm Katie. 


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