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5 Tips To Get Through Hard Times

What to do when things are hard

Are you tried of living through historical events on a weekly basis? 'Cause same.

In addition to the chaos happening in the outside world, I'm also currently experiencing one of the toughest periods of my life.

With all of the uncertainty in the world combined with myself personally going through deeply painful periods of change, I've been feeling exposed, vulnerable, and angry most days.

I wanted to share with you behind the scenes in my life. Because even though I heal people professionally and I have all sorts of tools, I still struggle - it's just part of being human. In case you thought you were the only one feeling this way - you're not. I hope these messages help you.

So what do you do when life seems to be too much to handle?

You remember that some things are outside of your control, but that doesn't mean they won't affect you.

Yes, you can do all sorts of self care activities to shift your mood and let go of big emotions. But - if you're struggling to manage your mental health right now, you're not doing anything wrong. There's been a lot of really big-heavy events taking place around the globe, and a lot of intense energetic shifts.

Consider this...

You receive regular updates about insanely - WILD historical events (almost) daily in between responding to work emails.

We've all just learned to cope with massive uncertainty and carry on. Everyone's too busy to process.

After a while though, things build up and start to weigh on you. So when you find yourself unmotivated, easily flustered, and angry know that you're perfectly entitled to be that way while still being deserving of love, safety, and blessings.

Here's what I've found to be most helpful and comforting through this period of change:

Parenting myself.

With kindness and compassion. Am I getting enough sleep? Am I feeding myself good foods? Am I getting enough fresh air?

You may have a bad habit of berating yourself for not accomplishing enough, not knowing better, or for literally anything at all. It's time to quit that, and start being kinder to yourself. When in doubt: be the parent you needed.

Prioritizing fun.

Having fun boosts your mood, lowers stress, and creates memories. I don't know about you, but having fun seemed like a luxury growing up. Like something to do once all the work was done.

Buttttt guess what? That's boring!

You're the grown up now, you get to decide how you spend your time! At the end of your life what will you be happier to have done:

a) organized your underwear drawer in perfectly folded shapes, or

b) rode your bike by a beautiful river on your way to your fave ice cream place?

Want a free step-by-step guide to create more joy and fun in your life? Grab it below:

Clearing my schedule of unnecessary obligations.

In times when you're already overwhelmed you don't need more on your plate. You need to create space in your schedule to just be, now more than ever. Think about things you could easily delegate. For instance; get your groceries delivered, order take out more often, hire a house cleaner etc.

It doesn't have to be a forever thing, but for times you're especially struggling feel empowered to delegate tasks (and draining obligations) off of your schedule. It costs more money, but what's the value or your sanity?

If you'd like some help on this one email me with the subject line: NOT TO DO LIST PLEASE and Ill send you the life changing process that will help you identify the No's and how to clear them off your schedule.

Crying.... a lot.

Better out than in! Crying is a beautiful way to exert heavy emotions and stuck energy. If you feel the desires for some tears - let em rip! You'll feel so much better after this powerful release.

Utilizing the morning to kick off my day on the right foot.

You have incredible access to your subconscious brain moments after waking. At this point you get to choose your first thoughts in your day. Choose loving thoughts or gratitude and watch your mindset change.

Every morning I choose to say thank you for giving me another day, I roll over to express gratitude to my pup and the comfy bed we sleep on. I continue from there. If that's where your morning conditioning ends thats still a beautiful way to begin your day.

If you'd like a solid morning routine for creating happiness I'll remind you of the free 21 Days to Bliss workbook linked in the green button above.

You're strong even if you're struggling.

Let's make a deal to not put anymore energy into obsessive thoughts like: "I should be over this by now",or "I don't know why I cant just push through this". Know this...

Just because you're struggling right now doesn't mean you'll struggle forever.

Just because you need extra care time doesn't mean you 'can't cut it' in your responsibilities.

Just because you feel vulnerable doesn't mean you're weak.

Know that I'm here to help you when you're ready for support.

Book a free Peace Activator Call to get clear on what's holding you back, receive a 3 step action plan, free tools to help you get there.

Want to finally move away from stress?

I've shared before about my distaste for the corporate use of the word 'resilient' because it's used to bypass responsibility + severity of events, and passes the responsibility onto the individual to just get over it. It's weaponized to make you feel guilty for having the audacity to have human emotions.

The truth is...

You are resilient, but you're also a human so be kind to yourself, and give yourself a freaking break!!!

Let me know in the comments which practice you're most excited to try.

Sending you lots of love. We'll make it through this time together.

Hugs, Katie


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