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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

First through your thoughts, then your habits.

Today we will explore 7 simple keys you can integrate today to make the biggest impact in changing your life.

My life changed with a simple thought that my future could look better than my present.

Years ago I was miserable and a friend told me about Reiki. I was a total skeptic but I was desperate for help - I thought what do I have to lose!? So I went to my appointment and I'll never be the same!

photo of text that reads: My life was forever changed in my reiki appointment because it showed me a new world full of possibilities

I felt supported and connected to something greater than myself, greater than my own limitations. This knowing was motivation enough for me to dive head first into this work, into new habits and into a new life.

From my own transformation and by guiding my clients through their own, I have discovered some simple keys that you can implement today to change your life.

How to change your life

This is not a comprehensive list, so feel free to explore your own desires and create change for yourself in ways that resonate most with you. Be gentle, and take your time.


When you're beginning this path it can be easy to overwhelm yourself and do everything at once, if you begin to feel overwhelmed take a step back and pick a one thing a month to form a new habit.

1. Meditation

When I started meditating I started with literally 30 seconds! That was plenty for the scary dark place my mind was. I kept at it and over time I began to notice how much of a positive impact it made on my life. I noticed I was less grumpy, would hardly ever feel angry, and lost interest in activities that weren't great for me. Meditation is such a simple way to create more peace in your life. Creating more peace means more space for new inspiration and solutions to enter in. It is fun-da-mental to your best future!

Experiment with different types of meditation. Try the traditional philosophy of yoga and meditation, and the western versions. It's time to discover if you're more of a fairy forest visualization person or a mantra chanter!

If you'd like some guidance on your meditation practice I offer meditation coaching, meditation instruction, and personalized recorded meditations. If this is you click the button below to get started.

2. Body movement

Think less gym, more dancing barefoot. Intuitive movement goes beyond the need to exercise - which is of course important. Use your body to move energy, stuck emotions, and brain fog out of your body.

During the numerous periods of grief I experienced over the past 10 years I have used dance to move through the stages of grief.

In times of fury and helplessness kick boxing was my best friend.

Your body is a gift and craves movement. If sitting in meditation isn't your thing try incorporating intuitive body movement into your daily routine and watch your world change!

3. Drink 2.5 L of water a day

Didn't your mother tell you to drink 8 glasses of water a day?! We all know how crucial water is to our survival but did you know most of the time when you're hungry, grumpy, tired, or confused you're dehydrated? What would your diet look like if you reached for water instead of a third cup of coffee? Or bag of chips?

What would your relationships look like if you drank water before reacting to your partner's silly questions?

What would your life look like if you utilized the healing and magical properties of water to quantum leap your energy to change your life?

You read that right! Water holds vibration and information. Speak your affirmations into your water, set your intentions over your water, or speak love into your water and drink up that high vibe juice!

On my lowest days I will set out some water in the sun and moon for 24 hours with my desired reality written on it, complete with a crystal on top of the lid. After 24 hours I will drink the water and I immediately feel a massive energy shift! Not only does this feel great but its a beautiful ritual for your water consumption. Try it!

4. Reiki or Energy Work/Therapy

Clear out the old to make way for the new. As I mentioned earlier Reiki was transformative for me. This is not the case for everyone - but Reiki cleared my regular weed habit in one session. I am still blown away by the power of Reiki.

Once I realized I could clear out heavy energy, wound energy from trauma, and bring about a feeling of peace it became a staple of my own practice.

Consider energy work part of your hygiene practice. You gotta get your energy clean so you don't start to smell and get sick. If you're a high stress person, or if you have never tried energy healing before you should try it!

If you're ready to do some deep healing work, clear out what's weighing you down, and enjoy a lighter feeling its time to book in for Reiki. Click the button below for Reiki Coaching.

5. Rewiring your brain for happiness.

Our brains are wired to hold onto negativity longer than positivity. This creates a bias in our brains for negative thinking and is suppose to keep us alive + skeptical. You can however rewire your brain for a positivity bias creating positive thoughts which makes positive outcomes much more likely.

A must read is: Hardwiring for Happiness by Rick Hanson Ph.D.

I was the president of the Negative Nelly club before reading this transformational book. Now I am the president of the Positive Polly Club (yes we are accepting new member - you can join by subscribing to

Practice this: the next time something good happens intentionally hold onto it for at least 10 seconds, then imagine these warm fuzzies spreading all throughout your body. Do this every time something nice happens and soon you will notice your positivity bias spread.

6. Affirmations, that ACTUALLY WORK

Positive affirmations seem to be all the rage right now - but for you to get the most out of affirmations you need to infuse emotion.

The best affirmations are usually the opposite of that which you fear the most. Using affirmations will put you into a high-vibe receiving state which allows for what you're trying to manifest to easily find you. They can be so transformative if used correctly.

Because I love you so much I am giving you the best affirmation prompt exercise to create magical affirmations to add rocket fuel to your manifestations. Click the button below for access.

7. Committing to change!

Last and most importantly - commit to change if you want to change. The times in my life when I actually got what I wanted. were the times when I committed. I hired a coach or a therapist, I made a radical decision to change my life.

Years ago I was working a job I didn't like much at all. I felt stuck for 5 years! I would apply for jobs and nothing happened. I was getting frustrated at the universe - I was manifesting, I was affirming, I was believing - where the F was my perfect job!?

I went for a coffee one day with a friend and let her know all about my 'struggles' with finding a new gig. She told me about a career coach she knew well. Long story short I signed with the career coach and within a matter of a few weeks I landed the BEST JOB! With the best team! With less stress!

Showing the universe you're committed is crucial if you're serious about change. Commitment can look like taking a leap of faith, hiring a coach, therapist, etc.

Commitment might be scary for you even better! In order to change your life growth is required and you know where growth happens don't you? Outside your comfort zone. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and your world will transform!

Be true to yourself and gentle even in this commitment. This knowing comes from the heart - not your head. Your ego doesn't get to decide when you want to commit - your heart knows what's best.

If you're ready to live the life of your dreams I hope you'll jump on a call with me. In this call we'll begin to tackle your biggest obstacle and see if we're a right fit for each other. If that sounds like you click the button below to get booked in for FREE! (Hurry - I only have a few spots available for clients.)

REFLECTION TIME - Now I want to hear from you!

Make it official! Declare this version of yourself you'd like to experience right now. Share your truth in the comments below.

1. Who is this version of yourself you aspire to?

2. What hobbies do they have?

3. How can you take one step today toward that version of yourself?

Thank you for your time today! Consider this the first day of your best life.

Hugs, Katie

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Nov 09, 2021

This was so helpful!

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