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How to Survive Valentine's Day

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Valentine's Day brings a funky mixture of emotions in the air.

It smells of joy, love, and devotion sprinkled with a faint aroma of anxiety, pressure, and sadness.

For some Valentine's Day is just a regular day. For others it’s the day they spoil their beloved, for the odd few it’s a day of dread awaiting the disappointment to inevitably follow.

It's no secret that Valentine’s Day is more of a capitalist-cash-cow and less about love. But, that doesn’t mean you have to get swept up in all the madness. Even the most level headed individuals can fall victim to the unfair comparison of their situation to another's on this special day.

Whether you’re single or coupled V-Day can be hard. Some are disappointed in their partner's effort (or lack thereof), and some singles dread it as it's just another reminder that they've not yet found love. Whatever your vibe, I get it. I've had many types of Valentine's Day's; the great, the bad, the worst, and the ugly - so I have decided to change focus of it forever more.

First, I'll tell you what my version is NOT about; it's not the one day a year we should express love, it's also not an excuse to feel bad about not living in a Hallmark romance movie, and no, it's not even a reason to throw pebbles at happy couples. I decided to to look at Valentine's Day as a day for love of all sorts; expressive, self, platonic, romantic, and unconditional.

Valentine's Day is not just about expressing your love for those around you, as every day should be about love. Instead take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to look at how you share love in the world and set goals for how you will choose to express more love going forward. This year realign with love, and practice forgiveness ask; 'how can I share more of love in my life?'. Visualize love pouring out of your heart and going into the world.

This goes beyond love with other people, express love through your work and projects. We need more YOU!!! Share your truth and allow your amazing essence to flow through you. What gifts are you dying to share with the world? It's time! Express YOU, love YOU, be YOU!

This Valentines Day let’s focus on love. Cut out the expectations and just enjoy the day. Engage in some self-care practices, and use this as an excuse to celebrate you! If you are blessed with a partner or a family do something together that makes you all feel cared for. Low pressure, keep it simple. No expectations remember!

If you’re looking to trade in the craziness for some self-care this V-Day here are some of my faves: Have a bath: Epsom salts, lavender essential, rose quartz crystal, and sexy lighting.

Eat chocolate: buy yourself a beautiful box of damn chocolates!

CREATE: write, paint, dance, anything!

Watch an awesome movie: I dunno, maybe a thriller? Or a documentary about puppies!

Hit up a yoga or exercise class you love: endorphins make you happy!

Pamper yourself: 5-star luxury spa optional.

Cook yourself a delicious meal: or don’t...

Indulge in ordering in: yes, guilt-free pizza!!

It's your day - you make the rules.

Let me know in the comments what your Valentine's Day plans are!


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