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4 aspects of feminine energy

We're not talking about gender! Feminine energy is found in everyone.

Divine feminine (DF) and divine masculine (DM) energies are so different that people are born into one sex at birth and instinctively know that they resonate with one energy over the other!

In this K.T.V video you'll discover more about divine feminine qualities and why embodying divine feminine magic is crucial for your BEST future.

Consider this your official divine feminine awakening!

Potty language used viewer discretion is advised ;)


Typically a person identifies more with one dominant energy over the other, but others are somewhere in the middle. Regardless of your dominant energy ideally you would live your life in a way where both DF and DM are utilized in harmony. You do that by honouring yourself and your needs so the shadow aspects don't express.

When you're suppressing your divine feminine (or DM energy) you get more toxic expressions. A suppressed feminine energy looks like passive aggression, acting from fear, judgement, self esteem issues, lack of clarity and vision, self hatred, and the list goes on.

When you're expressing divine feminine energy you are BEING.

Think intuitive, open/receptive, compassionate, empowered, loving, forgiving, creative, trusting, sexual. Divine masculine energy is activated when you're doing. Obviously you need both.

What is divine feminine? More goddess, less submissive

DF has been wounded on this planet for generations. Thankfully, that's changing now and you're a part of this movement!

The time has come for DF energies to stand in their power and guide our future to a more loving one! It is crucial that you step into the magic of the divine feminine within you now!

Once upon a time...

I was a girl living in a man's world fully invested in the masculine way of life.

I was proud of my strength and lack of emotional expression. Then I realized...that sucked!

So instead I got in touch with the goddess within and things got so much better.

Most of my life I had tilted more towards the side of the masculine.

I was surrounded by men growing up. By that I mean, most of my family members immediate and distant are masculine energy. So I adapted.

Because of this I developed some pretty unhealthy habits and ideas around what it meant to be feminine.

It wasn't until I got older and started my own personal development journey that I realized that I wasn't connected to my divine feminine at all. I had no idea what DF even was.

In fact I didn't really know how disconnected from the divine feminine I was until I really dug into it.

I once went to see psychic reader who was talking to me about my twin flame relationship. She looked right at my face and told me that my relationship wasn't working because there were two masculine energies butting heads in the relationship and that I needed to step into my feminine energy in order for us to have a relationship. Imagine trying to put 2 like magnets poles together - they won't stick together. Like poles repel each other.

I'm a little ashamed to admit this but...

This guidance frustrated and offended me BEYOND comprehension. I was completely flabbergasted by this.

I was a feminist and I was proud to be an independent woman!

How dare this person tell me that I need to be more feminine in order to attract a partner!

This however was not the case.

Her point was that it's important for feminine energies to be in the feminine flow so that they can work with their nature (instead of against) in order to live their best life.

What I have since realized is...

If you're someone who identifies as a feminine energy you came to earth with some natural superpowers and desires for life, fighting against that nature isn’t conducive to living your happiest life.

Instead tune into your suppressed divine feminine energy - it will bring you many gifts you have yet to experience.

As a divine feminine I wasn't happy or fulfilled living a masculine centred life.

It was unnatural for me and I was disconnected completely from the magnificence that comes from feminine energy.

I am here to enjoy the full scope of my feminine experience and damn it Ill give em a show!

Lets uncover more of what divine feminine is shall we...

The divine feminine is an energetic signature only.

It doesn't mean feminine in gender or feminine roles that we saw in the 1950s.

Being, identifying and nurturing your feminine energy doesn't mean that you do all of the housework.

It doesn't mean that you need to pump out a bunch of kids.

It certainly doesn't mean that you don’t get to be an independent woman.

It means that you're connected to your truth, and honouring your needs no matter how inconvenient. To embody the divine feminine is to accept all aspects she expresses (even the scary ones).

Have kids, don’t have kids, doesn’t make you any more or less feminine.


Divine feminine is the empowered goddess energy. She has many faces and expressions, it can be categorized into 4 broad expressions;

1. Nurturing Mother – birth and rebirth, creation. This expression is activated when we're nurturing, compassionate, and loving. Think mother who loves to take care of her babies vibes.

2. Dark Mother – destruction, the void death. This expression is the polarity of Nurturing mother. She destroys, she is the void, the is darkness and she is comfortable with it. Think badass biker big sister vibes.

3. Rainbow Woman – creativity, sexual expression. This expression is creation energy, sex, dancing, free spirit. Think gorgeous hippie art teacher on a yellow Vespa vibes.

4. Crazy Woman – chaos, fire, anger, emotions, discernment. This expression is the polarity of Rainbow Woman. Think destructive aunt with shopping addiction. She's a great time but she'll get you into trouble.

We'll discuss these divine feminine archetypes in future content so be sure you subscribe so you get it delivered right to you.

Notice that none of these express weakness, or shame, or guilt.

The divine feminine expresses herself from her truth.

She is empowered and loving, but she holds boundaries.

She loves herself enough to know her worth.

She doesn’t judge because she can see everyone’s divinity.

She isn't unflawed but she is perfectly her.

She goes through periods of darkness.

Sometimes she's lost.

If she doesn’t honor her creativity or needs she will react poorly.

She might meltdown but she views it as a cleansing.

She trusts herself enough to know she'll be taken care of by herself and the universe.


Now Goddess, I want to hear from you in the comments. Time to dig deep and ugly.

  1. What stories do you have about femininity?

  2. What resistance do you have towards femininity?

If you're eager to utilize your feminine energy to create a life you love I hope you'll jump on a call witIts absolutely free, and absolutely valuable.

As always I am shooting love bombs right to you!

Hugs, Katie

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