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Simple ways to keep the energy in your home clean and clear and under control.

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Space clearing is an important part of a spiritual practice. We clean our homes and maintenance it in a physical way - but what about energetically? We want our homes and bodies to feel their best as much as possible, but many of us are living in energy that makes us tired, irritable and sick. Space clearing gets rid of the lower vibrational stuff and makes space for the high vibrational stuff, which leads to happier humans and pets! Below I have discussed a little bit about space clearing - this is a simple concept with many strategies, so continue to evolve your strategy as you feel you need to. Everything is about intention.

Space clearing

To break this down for you I have placed it in the 5 W’s and an H.

What: 1. clearing out the lower vibrational energies 2. then uplifting the energy of the room to a more positive vibration.

Who: You! Or me! You can hire someone to come in and do a thorough job; lucky for you I offer this service! Contact me to book a time.

When: Weekly at least, and/or when someone is no longer ill, a new member is coming into the home, before guests arrive and after they leave, and after any arguments. Really space clearing should be done whenever a change happens with the people inside the home, or when an event occurs. This helps the energy to remain high and uplifting, we are recycling the energy so our moods are good, ideas are flowing, and we can see the “light” more easily.

​​Where: In your home, at work, or in your energy.​​

​​Why: your home will have lower vibrational or old stuck energy in it until you clear it out. This includes energy from you or your family, people or places that you absorbed from, spirits who came home with you, or energy that comes in through your walls. Energy impacts us everywhere we go. We absorb things and then bring it home with us, or as we go through difficult times we bring that energy into our home where it will sit. ​Our energy goes up and down and when our home feels good these transitions flow easier.

​ Sometimes we tend to argue with people in the same place in our home, this could be because there is negative energy stuck there, and by you having a fight you are feeding this lower energy space. We need to clear this out, and hopefully the arguments will become less intense if not stop completely.


1. Set the intention that you are going to be clearing out the energy of the home and then describing the kind of energy you would like to have in each room. In addition to intention use any of the following or in combination with on another to clear out the old:

  • Smoke from incense, sage, palo santo, cedar etc.

  • A feather to wave to break up the energy and sweep it away.

  • Music with heavy bass but a positive message, mantras, or spa music.

  • Clap to break up the energy and sweep it out with your feather or hands

  • Smudge sprays comprised of water and organic essential oils.

2. Picture the space being filled up with light – the colour is up to you. Add love, happiness, healing, or whatever you want to this light cocktail, this is what you are filling your home up with so you decide what is best.

There is nothing to fear, you can protect yourself by asking for protection. If you believe in angels, ask Archangel Michael to escort you in this clearing and protect you from all lower vibrational energies. In addition to Archangel Michael, I also ask for Archangel Jophiel to set the right loving vibration in each room. You can ask guardian angels to move in with you full time and stay at each entrance and window in your home, this will keep more of the lower energies out. Feel free to call forward any other beings you like to work with to help you.

Once you have completed your clearing take a moment to envision your space with this new wonderful energy and end it with a positive affirmation like “The energy in my home is now clear of all lower vibrational energies and entities, and is a space for love and light”. To maintain a positive space picture your walls in a shield that keeps out lower energies, you can make this shield out of anything and it can do anything so use your imagination. Use crystals to maintain a high-energy household, I place black tourmaline in each corner, howlite and pyrite at each entrance in addition to all my other crystals around my home that uplift the energy. Place crystals in as many places as you can and clear them often by using the same techniques above or placing them under a full moon. If you are a Reiki healer fill your home up with Reiki energy and place symbols on all doors. Have lots of plants and flowers in your home and open windows and doors often! Use what ever else makes you happy as things that make you happy will keep the energy high based on your reaction to them.

For a more detailed looked at space clearing check out Denise Linn, she is the guru in this area – she started the phrase “space clearing”! If you try this yourself and would like more help feel free to reach out! I am so happy to be there.

Let me know how it goes!

Peace, love and light to you.

XO Katie

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