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6 Ways to Attract Your Soul Mate

Energy Hacks to Manifest True Love

Are you ready to pull your hair out if you hear from your coupled friends one more time:

“We met when I least expected it.”

If so...You’re in the right place. BEEEN THERE!!!!

I hated when people told me that if I just stopped looking my person would come.

Or that I needed to join more classes, put myself out there more.

Or god forbid LOWER MY STANDARDS. (Seriously this is NOT the solution...)

Feminine energies I'm looking at you – your standards are NOT too high.

Looking to attract that heart pumping true love into your life?

Or maybe amp up the existing love in your life?

There are many different ways you can call in real, true, heart warming, soul mate love. Today we'll focus on 6 that actually worked for me.

After watching this detailed video you will:

  • have 6 proven action steps you can take today to attract love TO YOU,

  • discover the key to your best relationship,

  • know why keeping your mind open is the best way to find the One, and

  • feel empowered to keep your standards sky high.

6 Ways To Manifest Love

Press play or keep reading if you're ready to fall in LOVE...with the RIGHT person!

BE OPEN to receiving someone who may not fit exactly what you thought.

When I tell you I did not expect my partner to be who is. I MEAN I NEVER SAW IT COMIN'.... But that’s a story for another time.

Attract more love into your life with these 6 energy tools.

1. Attract more love by loving yourself even more.

Don’t click out! Hear me out.

Humans often project a lot of our needs onto others, and blame others for our pain. But the reality is, you're in charge of your own happiness, and fulfilling your own needs. Needs in a relationship are definitely valid, but you must also be willing to meet the needs in yourself as well.

DO you expect your spouse to show up for you no matter what?

Let me ask you, do you show up for yourself no matter what?

If not, how can you expect another to do that?

The Law of Attraction teaches us that we get what we feel.

The best way for you to get the best, heart filling, soul enriching love is by connecting to your authentic parts.

How do you do that?

By loving yourself unconditionally. That doesn’t mean you do it perfectly, but you keep loving yourself through the disappointment, through your mistakes, through your triggers.

You don’t have to become 100% okay with being alone. But strive with getting comfortable being by yourself. This will do so much healing for you.


Imagine being okay if you lived your whole life single. Would you be less likely to settle? Yessssss.

Not only that but you’ll discover so many things about yourself and develop really fulfilling habits. You can also acquire skills during this phase that allow you to manage your own emotions. Which will serve you in relationships.

2. Create space in your life and schedule.

Before I met my partner I got rid of 6 bags of clothes. 6!!! Garbage bags!!! 15 days later we bumped into each other. Coincidence!!!!! I don’t think so.

So here’s what you do: you let go of objects and clear up your home of clutter.

Let go of items from exes, clothes that don't match who you are, and objects that don't light you up. Make physical space for your love's shoes, coat, and toothbrush!

In addition to clearing physical space, what about space in your calendar?

If your schedule is full how can you expect to fit someone into that schedule?

Clear space in your calendar for your beloved before they arrive. If there are certain activities you want to do with your spouse, do them now with yourself.

If you want to have Friday night charceuterie with your beau – guess what you’re doing on Fridays.

3. Take a peek at the artwork in your home.

What vibe does your art give you?

Does it scream depressed but cool?

Alone yet stylish?

Or is there love around you?

Think of your walls as your life size vision board.

You see this art multiple times a day, better inspire something you actually want in your own life. Get creative and create art that inspires feelings you desire in your romantic relationship.

Or get literal with it and get artwork that says LOVE.

4. Write a detailed letter keep in on their side of the bed.

Write a letter to your future partner telling them how much you love them, how much you love your life together, and how they make you feel.

You can even write a list of qualities you want in a partner and ask the universe for it. Once you've done this ritual keep the letter in the bedside table your spouse will use.

Don't have a table for your person? Perfect lead into the next item.

5. Set your home up for your future friend.

Have two chairs and two bedside tables. Again you are inviting their energy into your space before they arrive.

You're assuming they will come, that is manifesting GOLD!!!!

Put some slippers on their side of the bed, buy them a toothbrush, or some romantic candles.

Look around you, how can you make your space the perfect place for new love?

6. Visualize them with you.

*Don't do this unless you're ready to call someone in immediately!*

At night begin with gratitude.

Then picture your day with your person in it. Don't worry too much about physical characteristics, just trust what comes. Focus on the feelings.

How did you feel together at dinner tonight?

How do you feel now knowing they're coming to snuggle you in bed?

You may feel a little crazy, but no one has to know!!!!!

Amp up these feelings, giggle, smile. Use your breath to spread the love throughout your whole body. I did this once and manifested a new partner over night!!!

If you’re at a place you’d love to be with a partner pretend they’re there. Sometimes we get sad when we're in romantic settings, just pretend your person's there with you and maybe next time they will be there.

Lastly, BE OPEN to receiving someone who may not fit exactly what you thought.

Your human brain isn't the best match maker. You know what is? A wise and loving universe who matches you based on your vibration. Which means 2 things:

  1. Physical appearance is not as important as how they make you feel,

  2. Loving yourself more will increase your vibration the most which attract the best matches to you.

Stop manifesting that 'specific person', you're only blocking yourself.

Time to begin the self love journey? Access the Free Inner Child Healing Meditation.

I'd love to hear from you!

Let me know in the comments:

What is a non-negotiable for your romantic partner?

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