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How to Stop People Pleasing

The Dangers of Being a People Pleaser

Hi, my name is Katie. And I'm a recovering people pleaser.

Today I want to share with you practical tips for how to overcome people pleasing.

Like real-REAL tips to stop people pleasing TO-DAY! This is a no-fluff approach to overcoming this abundance block from your no-nonsense gal.

How can you be more like Dwight?

If you are a people pleaser it's not your fault! As a child you learned it as a way to receive love, fill the 'I'm not enough' wound, or to keep yourself safe around an unstable person.

Listen to this recording if you:

  • are sick of doing things out of guilt or obligation,

  • are exhausted from your own needs not being met,

  • just want to take care of everyone,

  • struggle with seeing other people in pain,

  • feel like it's your job to take care of everyone.

After listening to this recording you will:

  • understand that people pleasing isn't actually what you think it is,

  • have 3 practical ways to overcome people pleasing today,

  • experience relief that you're not alone,

  • let go of the fear around non-people-pleasing,

  • and so much more.

Practices to Stop People Pleasing

Press play if you want practical + spiritual advice on people pleasing.

Time to heal this people pleasing habit: Free Inner Child Healing Meditation.

Remember this: I would rather be uncomfortable than resentful

I'd love to hear from you!

Let me know in the comments:

What have you tired to overcome your people pleasing habits?

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I'm Katie. 


I healed my depression using energetic tools, and now I get to help other women do the same.


You can exhale, this is a safe space for sensitive queens!


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